School Equipment

Equipment used in the BKSA Kitesurf school & Kiteboarding kit available for rental & hire

The Kitesurf Centre’s aim is to teach kitesurfing lessons to the highest level and we believe the best tuition can only be complete when delivered with the very latest, safest and best kite surfing equipment, irrespective of price… Already in the kitesurf school is the latest 2016 equipment. We have no affiliation with any brand unlike many schools so are free to choose what we think works the best. 

The Centre supplies ALL the equipment needed for kitesurfing lessons, but if you have your own kit, feel free to bring it along and if we deem it to be safe it can be used. All equipment is replaced every 6-8 weeks so the kit never becomes ‘tired’ or worn. See our used section on the website for gear available. 

Kites – all new for 2016

2015 kitesOver the years we have had the opportunity to test nearly everything out there and we have chosen to use Liquid Force, NorthRRD, Airush, F-oneFlexifoil and Peter Lynn kite products. Safety is our priority so hybrid/SLE & bow kites are used for total depower when needed & ease of use. All equipment is fitted with state of the art safety systems. We have over 60 kitesurf kites in the school ranging in size from 0.6 to 18m, allowing us to use the correct size kite for the wind conditions. Performance kites are available for hire & coaching.

Boards – a huge range

After much experimenting, we believe we have found the ultimate boards for learning and improving on – We have larger boards such as the Airush Switch 150, Crazyfly LW 160 and Liquid Force Overdrive 142 aimed at board starts, first upwind rides and lightwind riding. Their wide shapes allow early and controlled planing, meaning there is no need to have massive amounts of power in the kite whilst trying to get up and riding, therefore keeping you safer and progression faster. We also have these boards in smaller sizes for lighter riders and as with the kites we also have more advanced freestyle, freeride, surf, race and hydrofoil boards for hire and coaching.

Airush kiteboard footstraps

With our range of boards we use the most comfortable and supportive foots straps such as the Airush AFT with soft EVA foam under the heel and grippy pads plus fully adjustable straps to fit any rider.

hire kite surf equipment


Water specific Bern and Nookie helmets with protective foam cores in every size to offer the perfect fit.


The harness spreads the power of the pulling kite throughout your body; taking the strain away from your arms. It fits snugly around the waist and is fully adjustable. 

We have a selection of highly padded harnesses in both seat and waist styles and all sizes to accommodate every body size and shape. 

Our aim is to provide the comfiest experience possible during your kitesurfing lessons. The difference between seat and waist harnesses will be explained in the course.

Mystic kitesurf school wetsuit 2015Wetsuits – All new for 2016

Both 5mm fleece lined winter suits and 3mm summer suits are available to keep you warm during your kite surfing lessons, also short arm and leg suits are available if it’s really hot! The sizes range from age 10, to XXXL. During the colder months we also supply neoprene boots and gloves. 

mystic kitesurfinng school bouyancy aidBuoyancy aids

The school uses Mystic and GUL kite specific buoyancy aids as they sit higher up the chest so are less restrictive but offer the same level of safety protection and buoyancy as any other on the market.

Gloves & boots

O’neill neoprene gloves and boots to keep you toasty warm during your kitesurf lessons during the colder months.


We also hire out kitesurfing equipment

We rent kitesurfing equipment and hire kites, boards,  wetsuits, harnesses, buoyancy aids and helmets. All inclusive for £25 an hour or £70 a day.

Please check out all of our very competitive prices.