Rota – May 2015

Start time – 10am unless otherwise stated. The rota will change each month as it gets busier and may change weekly depending on weather / lessons so please check this each evening.

Monday – Stefan & Ben

Tuesday – Michael & Ben

Wednesday – Michael & Stefan

Thursday – Michael & Stefan

Friday – Stefan & Ben


The weekends will work on a 3 week rotating time timetable so every 3rd week you’ll be working a full weekend whereas the other 2 weeks will just be either Sat or Sun (unless we’re really busy). If one of you wants to take a full weekend off or needs to change your days that is no problem, just organise it among yourselves. As long as there are always 2 people on we’re happy.

Starting with weekend of May 9th

Week 1 – Sat – Michael & Stefan ¦ Sun- Michael & Ben

Week 2 –  Sat – Stefan & Michael ¦ Stefan & Ben

Week 3 – Sat – Ben & Michael – Ben & Stefan