It looks increasing likely that we won’t be able to offer our normal group kitesurfing lessons to beginners for the foreseeable future, so we’ve put together packages to teach beginners in smaller groups to get you on the water sooner while saving £££!

Cost Effective Private Beginner Kitesurfing Lessons

Private lessons are often seen as expensive & only for those wanting coaching, but actually if you can learn with a friend or 2 then it’s the most cost effective way to do so. The price doesn’t differ much from a group lesson but progression is usually much faster because you have the instructor’s attention all the time and no waiting for others. The first session is 4 hours (3 hours for 1-2-1) as there is a lot to cover, the subsequent sessions are 3 hours (2 hours for 1-2-1).

Fast Track Learning

In terms of progression, each session is about the equivalent of a day course, however if you’re fit, you could fit 2 sessions into 1 day to fast track your learning. Just because the sessions are shorter, we don’t skip over any of the normal syllabus, the groups are just smaller so progress is faster.

Beginner Kitesurfing Packages

Group SizeMid WeekPrice Per PersonWeekendPrice Per PersonAmount of hoursBook Now
1-2-1 – Equivalent to 3 day course (Level 3B) £315 £3857 (3 sessions)
1-2-1 – Equivalent to 5 day course (Level 4A) £495 £60511 (5 sessions)
2-2-1 – Equivalent to 3 day course (Level 3B) £650 £325 £750 £37510 (3 sessions)
2-2-1 – Equivalent to 5 day course (Level 4A)£1040£530 £1200£60016 (5 sessions)
3-2-1 – Equivalent to 3 day course (Level 3B)£800£267 £900£30010 (3 sessions)
3-2-1 – Equivalent to 5 day course (Level 4A)£1280 £427£1440 £48016 (5 sessions)

Buddy Up

beginner kitesurfing lessons

As government restrictions are eased and we’re able to mix with people from a different house hold, we’d be happy to buddy individuals up so you’re able to learn together and keep costs down. Just let us know and we’ll add you into our Whats App group.