Kitesurfing Courses

We offer a wide range of lessons for  Power Kiting, Land boarding, Kite buggy, Stand up paddle board & Kitesurfing Courses, intermediate & advanced Kitesurf Coaching, Private tuition & Supervised Equipment Hire

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Kitesurfing Courses

Our courses are run with safety as our primary concern to British Kitesports Association guidelines and standards. All the latest and safest kitesurfing quipment is provided with full insurance.

All of our courses are run in small groups with a MAXIMUM of only 4 students per instructor

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Powerkite Lessons

Introducing you into the world of kites, this power kite lesson runs through all the fundamentals of kite flying.
Course includes: Equipment and conditions theory, kite set up, launching and landing, steering, flight characteristics and how to introduce the power.

power kite lessons with the kitesurf centre

Duration: 2 hours – £49

What you need to bring with you: Sensible sturdy pair of shoes, suncream, sunglasses and warm clothes if it’s cold.

Kite buggy Lessons

Extremely fun sport which is quick to pick up. Initially running through through all the fundamentals of kite flying and then moving onto the buggy to whizz up and down the beach.
Course includes: All kite flying theory and techniques, directional power delivery, first buggy rides moving onto consistent runs with continual power in the kite, turning and riding back upwind.

kite buggy

Duration: 2.5 hours – £59

What you need to bring with you: Sensible sturdy pair of shoes, suncream, sunglasses and warm clothes if it’s cold.

Kite landboarding

Kite landboarding is an exciting sport using the kite to power you along on a mountain/land board that can be performed either on a beach or inland.
This one day landboarding course includes all the knowledge and skills required to fly the kite then it’s time to start moving. First the board starts, then onto continuous riding with constant power delivery, edging, turning, how to stop safely and rules of the road.
landboard/ mountain board lessons with the kitesurf centre

Duration: 4 hours tuition time – £89

What you need to bring with you: Sensible sturdy pair of shoes, suncream, sunglasses and warm clothes if it’s cold.

Kitesurf Courses

The ultimate in kite sports, there is a reason this is the fastest growing sport in the world!
Combining wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing and power kiting it appeals to a huge audience. Whether it is cruising on super flat water, boosting big jumps, riding waves or practicing your next freestyle move, kitesurfing has something for everyone. Now thanks to huge developments in the equipment it is safer, easier and faster to learn.

Every participant on the kite surfing courses will receive an introductory package with safety booklets, magazines and loads of information.

What you need to bring with you: Sensible sturdy pair of shoes on day 1, towel, swimming costume, suncream, sunglasses, and warm clothes if it’s cold.

1 Day Kitesurf Course

Theory of wind, equipment, site assessment, sea and weather conditions.

Introduction to kite flying using foil trainer kites including kite set up, safe launching and landing and flying techniques.

kitesurfing lesson and kiteboarding course 1 day

LEI* kite set up and pre flight checks
LEI launch/land, flying and re-launch techniques
Body dragging, this is where the fun really starts!

-Using the kite to drag you through the water you will start to introduce more power and learn techniques which allow you full directional control in the water.
*Leading Edge inflatable (water/ kitesurfing kite)

Duration: 6 hours tuition time – £99/£109 weekends

Once you have been introduced into the life of kite surfing I am sure you will be raring to go and book up for the second day of the kitesurf lesson to get up and riding!

2 Day Kitesurf Course

Building on everything you learnt on the first day you now have the chance to get your hands on a board!

2 day kitesurfing course

Introduction to board water starts including constant power delivery with the kite

Edging and riding upwind
Rules of the road
Deep water safety pack down

On completion of all of our kitesurfings courses you will receive an information pack with advice for the future and loads of helpful information.

Duration: 12 hours tuition time – £169 / £199 weekends

3 Day Kitesurf Course

Aimed at turning you into a self sufficient kitesurfer, setting you up with all the knowledge and skills to go out and continue the sport independently

Continuation and perfection of your board start technique
Keeping the kite powered and under control during runs
Board control techniques
Fully Independent control during launch, land, re-launch, board starts and riding along
Advanced knowledge of equipment, site/risk assessment and weather

Duration: Minimum 15 hours tuition time – £249 / £289 weekends

Zero To Hero – 5 day kitesurf course

This intensive 5 day course takes you from a complete novice to a confident, skilled and totally independent kitesurfer, covering all aspects of the sport.
Initially run along similar lines as a three day course we will go on to cover:
In depth advanced theory of wind, weather, sea state, beach safety and equipment
Advanced equipment set up and tuning for any condition plus equipment care and repair
Advanced board skills including controlled edging and weight distribution for upwind riding and stopping
Riding in both directions with turns
Pop and jumping theory
Introduction to jumping

By the end of this course you will have all the information and skills to go out and continue the sport with the safe knowledge that you can choose the correct equipment, read the weather and select the correct beach to use and have fun safely anywhere in the world.
On completion of this course you will receive an information pack with advice for the future a loads of helpful information

Duration: Minimum 25 hours tuition time – £449

Board Control

Aimed towards kitesurfers that have had previous kitesurf lessons, such as a 2 or 3 day BKSA courses or have BKSA level 1 or 2 certificates, this course is dedicated to improving your board skills to get you riding along confidently and independently. The entire course is spent in the water giving loads of time to develop your techniques.

Duration: Minimum 4 hours – £99

Kitesurfing Board control

Intermediate coaching classes

For kitesurfers that are already up and riding but would like some training with the next stage, such as:
Upwind riding
Toeside riding
Carve turns
Advanced equipment set up

kiteboarding courses

Duration: 4 hours – £50
This kitesurf course can be run during the evenings to work around your job commitments

If you feel you are past this level we also offer coaching days (scroll down)

Private tuition

Whatever your level from complete beginner to an experienced rider, 1-2-1 tuition offers maximum time with the instructor to optimise progression at your own pace. Anything from learning to fly a kite to board starts or competition coaching your instructor will be able to provide you with the personal guidance you require. We also offer 2 to 1 lessons if there are two of you looking for tuition with a private instructor

1-2-1  £50/£55 weekends per hour

2-2-1 – £60/£70 weekend per hour (£30/£35 each)

Coaching days

Having an experienced kitesurfing coach on hand to give you tips and demos of that elusive trick you have been trying all season can make a huge difference. The speed at which you progress with a coach will seriously surprise you!
Run about once a month, these days are for more experienced riders that are trying to land their next trick but just can’t seem to get it nailed.
We can run through anything you are currently struggling with, from backloops to back mobes or just getting your kite trimmed correctly for your first un-hooked moves.
Our coaches are some of only a select handful in the UK, they will pass on extensive knowledge and experience during these days.

Duration: 4 hours – £50

Supervised Hire

After completion of a 2 or 3 day kitesurfing course you may want to continue the sport but don’t feel you are quite up for splashing out and buying your own kit. We have all the latest equipment for you to hire and practice on with the safe knowledge that someone is keeping a watchful eye on you. You must be BKSA or IKO level 2 certificated or be able to show a certain level of riding ability and also hold your own personal 3rd party liability insurance. If you do not currently hold your own insurance you can join the BKSA at the centre.

Equipment Hire Prices:

  • Full kitesurf equipment hire (kite, board, bar & lines, leash, harness, wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid) – £25 per hour or £70 a day
  • Kitesurfing kite hire – £18 an hour or £45 a day
  • Kitesurf board hire – £10 an hour or £30 a day
  • Wetsuit hire – £10 a day
  • Full kite landboard equipment hire (kite, bar & lines, landboard and helmet) – £15 an hour or £45 a day
  • Power/trainer kite hire – £10 an hour
  • Stand up paddle board hire (board, paddle, wetsuit and buoyancy aid) – £15 per hour or £45 a day
Equipment set up

You have taken the plunge and bought your own kit but would like an experienced instructor to show you how to set it up. Having your kit set up correctly can make a huge difference to your progression.

£20 – (If you purchase a kite from us its free!)

Corporate and group days

We are able to offer a great range of sports for group activity days including:
Power kiting
Introduction to kitesurfing
Kite landboarding & kite buggying
• Wake SUP boarding
• Kayaking
Stand up paddle boarding
• Powerboat rides


Alternatively you can choose one of the full courses we offer

We can cater for all requirements with lunch included and option of a BBQ.

Large student groups are also welcome with special discounts available

Please contact us for details and prices

Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for any person.
Vouchers can be purchased for any amount whether it is a full course or just some money to go towards it.

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