Kitesurfing Lessons on Pevensey Bay, Bexhill & Cooden beaches

We occassionally conduct our kitesurfing lessons in East Sussex at Pevensey, Bexhill and Cooden beaches if the conditions are unsuitable at Camber Sands and these beaches are offering something different.

Kitesurfing School Pevensey

Bexhill, Cooden and Pevensey were chosen for our kitesurfing school primarily because of the different conditions they offer to our regular beaches, Camber Sands & Greatstone.

Cooden and Pevensey are sandy at low tide with a shingle bank at mid to high tide while Bexhill only shows sand on a big low tide and presents a steeper shingle bank making it only advisable for more advanced riders.

The beaches are not ideal for beginners due to the lack of space especially ‘downwind’ and sometimes confined launching & landing areas with obstructions nearby. However, they do offer great conditions for intermediate and advanced kitesurfers looking to improve their skills either on the waves, or in different unknown conditions at new locations. Cooden and Bexhill are usually uncrowded once on the water but the beaches are busy with holiday makers during the summer.

Occasionally The Kitesurf Centre organises coastal kitesurfing trips known as ‘downwinders’ starting from Bexhill and finishing at Camber. The distance is approximately 25km and is accompanied by our safety boats. Contact us for more information on the next journey.

‘The Old Stamco’ at the eastern end of Bexhill offers a reasonable wave and surfers can often be found at mid to high tide.

Learn to Kitesurf near Bexhill

Learning to Kitesurf is actually a lot easier than it appears. With an experienced and enthusiastic instructor, good learning conditions and safe up to date kitesurfing equipment, the learning process can be very fast. We at The Kitesurf Centre in East Sussex offer all three of these and pride ourselves with amongst the most experienced and best instructors in the UK, all of which are BKSA Senior instructors or BKSA National trainers. Having a professional instructor by your side really makes or breaks the kiteboarding lessons. It’s easy to learn kitesurfing, anyone can do it!

Learn Kitesurfing East Sussex

Many of you potential kitesurfers are probably thinking, am I too old? Too unfit? Too inflexible? Overweight? Can I swim far enough? Well the answer is probably the opposite of your thoughts! We often have students in their 60’s and our oldest was 78! Learning kitesurfing is less strenuous or tiring than other similar sports, so you need little physical fitness or manoeuvrability, and we have warm wetsuits to fit XXS to XXXL. During the kitesurfing lessons, we very rarely go beyond chest deep water and every student is supplied with all the safety equipment including a buoyancy aid, helmet and wetsuits.