HQ Symphony Beach III

HQ Symphony Beach III

Easy predictable handling with excellent flight performance make the HQ Symphony Beach III really fun to fly. They are stable and have good speed and pull for their size.

Designed to match the needs of beginners, the HQ4 Symphony beach III is a tough and forgiving dualline kite that is excellent value for the money. These revised kites provide easy handling and tons of fun whether you are looking for speed or pull. The new Symphony Beach III is a great introduction into the world of soft foils and folds up compact with no parts to assemble or lose.

Designed with beginners in mind, these kites offer an amazing performance for the price.

Perfect for children to learn how to use a kite.

Complete with 2 lines with wrist loops.

Sizes: The symphony is measured by its wing span rather than surface area.

  • 1.3m (about 0.6m area), colours: Rainbow, Flame, Aqua
  • 1.8m (about 1m area), colours: Rainbow, Aqua
  • 2.2m (about 1.3m area), colours: Rainbow, Aqua

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