HQ4 Beamer VI

HQ4 Beamer VI

The HQ4 Beamer VI power kite is an awesome all round kite suitable for beginner to advanced kite flyers.

You are looking for the perfect kite for your “Next Step” in kitesurfing, a kite that will help you to raise your level? Then the HQ4 Beamer IV is your first choice – a kite that has been continuously perfected from generation to generation and that does pretty much everything. About its 4 lines, the beamer implements your steering commands very directly and precisely. The beamer is a kite that makes pilots feel comfortable right away – the stress-free entry into kite racing and a perfect choice for beginners who want to improve their skills. This kite offers you top-class controllable and retrievable performance – because with this all-rounder we have put our knowledge from the paragliding sport into the development. The beamer lets you decide whether you want to be radical and fast or just take it easy. One thing is certain: the beamer is extremely versatile.

Beamer VI Characteristics

  • Extremely stable in turbulent wind conditions
  • Numerous accessories (quad handles, Dyneema lines, kite killers…)
  • Break line input offers extra power
  • Reduced bridle for minimum drag
  • Large wind range

The HQ4 Beamer VI power kite is really stable, balanced and solid in the sky, responding to the slightest of steering.  The kite is agile and turns fast, accelerating fast through the air creating power and giving it great performance for landboarding and buggying or even jumps!

Top quality build with stitched bridle lines for minimal drag and high quality ripstop canopy.

The power kite comes complete with rucksack, colour coded handles with ground stake loop, 4 lines, ground stake for securing the kite down and manual.

Size chart

2m (Gold Yellow), 3m (Green), 4m (Red), 5m (Blue)

HQ4 power kite


HQ4 Beamer VI


HQ4 Fluxx

HQ4 Fluxx Trainer Kite

You are looking for a cheap and universal introduction to kiting and you are not yet committed to a specific direction? Whether you want to enjoy kitesurfing, land kiting or just for fun – the Fluxx is the right choice for you. HQ has attached great importance to easy handling and good, balanced flight characteristics. And even if the Fluxx has a ground contact, the sturdy and special shape means that it can be restarted with only two lines. Use the Fluxx as a trainer kite and open up the fascinating world of kitesurfing – become a part of our passion.

HQ4 Fluxx Characteristics

  • Completely leashed and ready to fly
  • Stable Flight behaviour
  • Automatic Relaunch
  • Robust processing
  • Perfect as preparation for the introduction to power kiting

Sizes: The Fluxx is measured by its wing span rather than surface area.

  • 1.3m, colours: Red
  • 1.8m, colours: Green
  • 2.2m, colours: Blue

hq4 trainer kite


HQ4 Hydra

HQ4 Hydra Water Trainer Kite

Crowded beaches and no space for kiting? Launch the “Hydra” and head off into the water! The HQ4 Hydra is a unique trainer kite designed to re-launch in the water.

The revolutionary closed-cell technology makes relaunching and landing on the water safe and easy. A one-way valve system and a watertight zipper effectively prevent water from entering the kite. The Hydra works equality well on land and generates enough power to pull you through the water during your first body drags. The 3rd line safety system quickly lands the kite if you ever feel overpowered, so you can focus on learning techniques and new experiences.


  • Reduced bridling for low drag performance
  • Cross-bracing rib structure increase durability
  • Air intake system for quick self-inflation
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Sizes up to 420cm (13.8 ft) wingspan

Sizes: The Hydra kite is measured by its wing span rather than surface area.

  • 300cm, colours: Red / Orange
  • 350cm, colours: Lime Green / Green
  • 350cm, colours: Light Blue / Blue


trainer kite

Comes complete with:

  • Sleek HQ4 bag with straps
  • Control Bar
  • Trainer Kite Guide
  • Safety system (hand leash)


trainer kite


HQ4 Rush Pro

HQ4 Rush Pro

The all new HQ4 Rush Pro has been re-designed for even more performance and fun while also improving the ease of use.

You are looking for a kite that meets all the requirements of a real power kite? The HQ4 Rush Pro offers full performance that is controllable and extremely robust thanks to a sophisticated chamber system. The Rush Pro range of trainer kites has been designed to meet these needs. Developed for great pulling performance, ease of control and extreme durability. With the Rush Pro you learn to handle kites safely and with the effective 3rd-Line-Safety you are always in control of the situation. A good control is the most important thing for trainer kites. We want you to reach your next level safely.

The Rush Pro series will progress your flying skills so you can reach your next level.


  • Extremely robust cross-bracing rib structure
  • 3rd-line for optimal safety and reliable reverse launch
  • Ready to fly with flying lines attached
  • Reduced bridle for minimal drag
  • Good light wind performance

This kite is relaunchable with a simple tug on one line after a crash.

The small but perfectly formed package comes with a bar control system and can be used as part of your kite surf training on land or for people wanting to learn the basics of kite handling with the idea to progress to kitesurfing or snow kiting.

If the kiter gets into trouble – simply let go of the bar and the kite will fall to the ground with no power on the wrist safety leash.

The HQ4 Rush Pro Trainer 250 are perfect starter kites for children (under proper supervision) and the HQ4 Rush Pro 300 and 350 trainer is ideal kites for all board-sports that use a bar, giving you smooth user-friendly power to develop your kiting technique while learning to landboard or kitesurf.

With its uncomplicated bridle construction and low aspect ratio, this is an easy kite to control and comes complete and ready to fly!

For recreational use: This kite is great for skidding, jumping and great for getting used to flying kites. When steering this kite in medium winds, you will start to feel the pull of the kite.

Sizes: The Rush Pro is measured by its wing span rather than surface area.

  • 250cm, colours: Red
  • 300cm, colours: Blue
  • 350cm, colours: Orange


HQ4 trainer kite

Comes complete with:

  • HQ4 Pro Rush Power Kite
  • Dual Dyneema Flying Lines
  • Control Bar
  • Redesigned bag
  • Manual

HQ4 Rush Pro


HQ4 Alpha

HQ4 Alpha Beginner 4-liner Kite

HQ4 Alpha is designed as an uncomplicated beginner kite that provides all the performance and durability you need. While the Alpha will help you get through the initial stages of handeling, don’t be afraid to try it on a landboard or buggy, as it provides enough power to have a great day!

With their robust and forgiving shape, HQ4 has laid the foundation for maximum safety, control and very decent performance. The choice of material is designed for the toughest use as a fun beginner, all sizes are optimally matched to a wide wind range.

Alpha in your hands makes you feel right at home. With stronger wind you are increasingly challenged by the Alpha, but with the control as a 4-liner you always remain in control of the situation. Regardless of your age, the Alpha is your perfect companion.

HQ4 Alpha Properties:

  • Fully suitable for beginners
  • Robust in terms of processing and material
  • High quality Dyneema flying lines
  • All-inclusive R2F accessories – Quad Handles, Lines, Kite Killer, Groundstake


  • 1.5m, colours: Green – Great for high wind, best suited for 4-liner beginners
  • 2.5m, colours: Orange – Great traction, really powerful in higher winds
  • 3.5m, colours: Blue – Best traction, never sits still


HQ4 trainer kite

trainer kite

HQ4 Symphony Beach III

HQ4 Symphony Beach III

Easy predictable handling with excellent flight performance make the HQ4 Symphony Beach III really fun to fly. They are stable and have good speed and pull for their size.

Designed to match the needs of beginners, the HQ4 Symphony beach III is a tough and forgiving dualline kite that is excellent value for the money. These revised kites provide easy handling and tons of fun whether you are looking for speed or pull. The new Symphony Beach III is a great introduction into the world of soft foils and folds up compact with no parts to assemble or lose.

Designed with beginners in mind, these kites offer an amazing performance for the price.

Perfect for children to learn how to use a kite.

Complete with 2 lines with wrist loops.

Sizes: The symphony is measured by its wing span rather than surface area.

  • 1.3m (about 0.6m area), colours: Rainbow, Flame, Aqua
  • 1.8m (about 1m area), colours: Rainbow, Aqua
  • 2.2m (about 1.3m area), colours: Rainbow, Aqua

trainer kite

HQ4 Symphony Pro

HQ4 Symphony Pro Trainer Kite

The next generation of the HQ4 Symphony Pro series! The Symphony Pro power kite comes as a fun for all skill levels looking for speed and power. This ram-air, frameless foil design feels solid in the air and doesn’t fold on the edge of the wind.

The lighter and stronger fabric responds faster along with the sewn low drag bridles really speed up the kite and give the extra punch of power. Sewn Dyneema bridles provide low-drag and strength for performance that is fast, stable and smooth. The larger sizes have impressive pull, so be prepared to lean back and hold on. A compact carrying case makes it easy to take on your next adventure.

Sizes: The symphony is measured by its wing span rather than surface area.

  • 1.3m, colours: Rainbow, Neon Red
  • 1.8m, colours: Rainbow, Neon Green
  • 2.2m, colours: Reibow, Neon Yellow
  • 2.5m, colours: Reinbow, Neon Blue

HQ power kite


hq power kite