Gin Egoist 9m

Gin Egoist 9m

Very Good Condition – All Rounder

This used Gin Egoist 9m kite is in very good condition, used for just a few months.

6 Month Warranty on all used kites. Viewing and testing welcome.

Canopy in good condition, holds the air perfectly. No repairs. Just one small area where the print has rubbed off (see photo)

Smooth power, stability and ease is simply the perfect kite for all-round use. One pump system.

  • All-round freeride performance.
  • Predictable and stable.
  • Wide wind range.

The EGOIST is the Swiss army knife in the GIN KITEBOARDING range. No mater if you are looking for a do-it-all freeride kite, want to boost the biggest jumps or in need a wave kite, the EGOIST will deliver. The EGOIST has a huge wind range and great upwind ability. The relaunch is intuitive and very easy. The EGOIST will offer you big boosted jumps and lots of hang time. The easy sheet-in, sheet-out characteristics and excellent drift capabilities makes the EGOIST a very capable wave kite.

Gin Egoist Review

What Kiteworld Mag say in their test….

The Egoist itself is bright and stands out without the colours being garish. Implemented with the popular mid-sized nozzle inflation system, the Egoist is spec’d out as you’d expect and features good attention to detail throughout, including a large webbing handle on the kite to help you carry it along the beach.

The Gin Egoist 9m fits very well alongside the mass of three-strut, mid-aspect-ratio freeride kites that we have reviewed this year. We tested the Egoist over two sessions; firstly a little underpowered when most other riders on the water were on tens or 11s and also ideally juiced when everyone was on eights and nines.

Back line settings

We always go out for our first runs on the factory setting as you’d get it yourselves. Initially, on first launch in the first lightly powered session, the Egoist didn’t feel like the most torquey of kites. On some kites you can sheet in on the bar on the beach and immediately feel it lifting your harness. We tried other nine metres that day that had more power. A couple of strokes though and we were up and going nicely, perhaps not with as much torque as we’d like, but nevertheless the kite flew very nicely into the wind, we were riding upwind and felt comfortable. The steering does require quite a bit of input and force to go round in the light winds. There was a bit of a lag after initiation and looping the kite at this bottom end of its wind range, the kite takes quite a wide radius to begin with and took a while to come back up through the window.

So we went back to the beach and moved the back lines up one knot on the rear pigtail for more steering input and pressure. Sure enough there was more low end and the steering became quicker and easier, however also became easier to back stall. Moving the setting produced what we wanted in terms of more low end, better steering initiation and feeling at the bar in light wind, but we didn’t get that nice bite and really positive drive through a turn and occasionally had to sheet the bar out when completing a loop to reduce some of the load on the back lines.

Gin Egoist 9m 2015 kite test review kiteworld magazine Issue #76

Next session (now back in the standard middle setting) was very different. The Egoist comes alive in genuine nine metre / 18 – 20mph+ winds, feels lighter and more positive at the bar and has lots more lift at the top of the window, without feeling unruly or intimidating.

Straight off the beach it feels stable and trustworthy, but also energetic and lively. Quickly up to speed the Egoist parks itself nicely forward in the window and really makes for effortless upwind tracking. The power band still isn’t grunty. There’s adequate power, but it’s delivered to you in a soft way. There are no big surges and, for freeriding, you feel very light and quick on the water.

Stable & lively with good lift for jumps

There’s a large sweet spot overhead in which you can send the kite to get plenty of lift. Getting a healthy climb on your jumps is easy and then the hang time feels decent and offers lengthy float. Although light, the Gin isn’t completely neutral though and is easy to sense where it is in the sky. It can still stumble a little round the bottom of the window on a kite loop if you’re really pushing it but, as with many kites with thin leading edges, the more you can pump it up the better.

Although the Egoist is happy to sit forward to provide a very easy tow upwind, there’s a lack of aggression round the corners for very skilled pilots. Although the Egoist can be trimmed a little to be able to provide clean unhooked performance for freestyle improvers, advanced riders would miss that eagerness through the window to keep it moving forward sweetly when unhooked.

The Egoist suits an improving freerider who is starting to really get to grips with their jumps and has all the unhooked performance needed to make life easy in terms of progression over the next few seasons.


Overall the Egoist is a really fun, reactive but friendly kite. We reckon the top end would go on for ages, too. The harder you pump it the better to get a really solid air frame. Freeriders already riding with high-performance levels will want more bite and grunt. Lighter intermediate riders will definitely find the Egoist more fun and very rewarding.

A very fun and approachable mid and top-end range will inspire lots of long, un-fatiguing sessions. We had hours on this and barely felt it in our legs and arms when, in reality, we’d rinsed all corners of our home spot.


Read our handy guide on how to look after your equipment here.

Kitesurf kite strut bladder (all sizes & brands)

Kitesurf kite strut bladder (all sizes & brands)

We have a huge range of spare strut bladders in every size from 3m wingtip bladders to massive 19m centre bladders!!

Option of standard open valves in various shapes for one pump system or one way valve for separate strut inflation system

Most brands and model available, contact us with your requirements and I am sure we will be able to help.

Here is a list of some of the brands and kites which the strut bladders will fit (this list is not exhautive and there are many other kites and brands that they will fit, please contact us for information)

North – Rebel, Evo, Vegas, Fuse, Neo, Dyno, Rhino, Dice, Juice
Cabrinha – Crossbow,  Switchblade, Drifter, Vector, Convert, Nomad, Kaos
Naish – Non octopus system kites eg: Bolt, Cult, Charger older Torch, Boxer, Raven
Liquid Force – Envy, Havoc, Hifi Comp, NRG, Session, Assault, Solo, Wow
Flexifoil – Hadlow Pro, ID, Atom, Proton, Ion : £13.99 – £16 – contact us to order
Slingshot – Fuel, RPM, Key, Rev, Link
Best – Waroo, Kahoona, Nemisis, Taboo, GP, TS
RRD – Passion, Vision, Obsession, Religion, Addiction, Hypertype, Type 8, 9
Airush – Lithium, Varial, Varial X, Vapor, Vapor X, One, Razor, Wave, Union
JN – Primadonna, Da Vinci, Wildthing, Mr Fantastic
Ocean Rodeo – Rise, Razor, Diablo, Cypher, Prodigy, Flite
Wainman – Bunny, Gypsy, Rabbit, Smoke, Punch, Boss, Big Mama

Please note that in some cases it may be necessary to have your bladder manufactured, which can take up to 10 days. If you require your bladder urgently, please contact us before placing the order so we can give you an estimated lead time.