How To Set Up & Fly A Powerkite

Practising with a powerkite is a great way to improve your kite flying skills, save money (you won’t need as many lessons!) and is great fun for you and your friends. We’ve put together a quick guide to setting up your powerkite and some useful tips for techniques to try out!

Setting Up

As with any kiting, the first stage of setting up and flying your powerkite is to perform a full site assessment of the location you have chosen. The site assessment is important to ensure the safety of you and others around you, as well as reducing the risk of damaging your kite.

Once you have performed a site assessment and decided it is safe to fly where you are, it is time to set up the kite. The instructions below are for a Peter Lynn Impulse Trainer, which we use in our school, but they will work for other 3 line trainer kites. We use the Impulse Trainer because it is incredibly easy to use, super fun to fly and pretty indestructible – you’re bound to crash the kite a few times as you learn so this is important! The Peter Lynn Impulse Trainer comes with pre-attached flying lines, making it very easy to set up.

Site Assessments