2019 Duotone Chicken Loop Wakestyle Kit

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This setup is ideal for unhooked freestyle and wakestyle riding.

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2019 Duotone Chicken Loop Wakestyle Kit

Unhooked riders love this chicken loop! 

The Duotone Chicken loop option Wakestyle Kit comes with a huge chicken loop and a long leash. It is one of 4 chicken loop options available for 2019. If you’re already unhooking or you’re thinking of trying, this is the chicken loop for you! The chicken loop works with both the Duotone Trust and Duotone Click bar.

The 2019 Duotone Chicken Loop Wakestyle Kit comes with the largest chicken loop and a long safety leash. It has been specially developed for kiteboarders who mainly perform unhooked tricks. During unhooked tricks, you unhook the chicken loop from your harness and hold the bar in your hands in the same way as for wakeboarding. In other words, you are detached from the harness and sense the forces exerted by the bar directly in your hands. The large chicken loop lets you hook the bar back in again quickly after a trick without needing to look. The long safety leash allows tricks such as handle passes safely. In the event of the bar ever slipping out of your hands during an unhooked trick, you are still connected to your kite via the safety leash.

You can find out more about the 2019 Duotone Chicken Loop Wakestyle Kit and whether it is right for you, as well as the other Duotone chicken loop options, online here.

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