Mystic Star Women’s Waist Harness 2019


A fantastically comfortable women’s specific waist harness with an easy releasing and padded spreader bar.


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Mystic Star Women’s Waist Harness 2019

The women specific Mystic Star Women’s Waist Harness is a great all rounder harness. Designed for maximum comfort and support.

The Mystic Star Waist Harness offers full wrap around support because it benefits from a triple padded construction, 3D contoured interior and elasticated waist closure. This ensures that you experience a truly comfortable and supportive fit. The Mystic Star Harness also features the unique Spreader Down System to keep the spreader bar locked in place.

Combined with Mystic’s padded spreader bar makes for an easy to enter and exit harness.

Features and benefits

  • 3D Contoured Neoprene Interior. The harness interior is anatomically shaped for maximum comfort and support.
  • Spreader Down System. Locks the spreader bar in place, reducing the likelihood of chest injury and enabling more control during freestyle manoeuvres.
  • Kinetic Back Support. The kinetic system distributes the correct density of foam around the contours of the human body maximising rider comfort.
  • Internal Force Frame. Some parts of the body can distribute load better than other parts. The internal frame actively spreads the load around these parts therefore resulting in increased rider comfort.
  • Triple padding construction. A luxury envelope of neoprene and foam to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Battle Belt Waist Closure. Makes putting on the harness wonderfully easy.
  • Soft Edge Technology.┬áthe edges of the harness are wrapped in neoprene to create a soft, comfortable contact against the body.
  • Kite Spreader Bar Pad. Reduces pressure on the chest and stomach and helps prevent injury.
  • Grip Print. PU printing on the inside of the harness creates extra friction to keep the harness in the right position.
  • Twin D Rings. Attach the kite leash to either side of the harness.
  • Non slip print. Wraps around your body and grips even when riding toeside.

Stuffed full of features but a fraction of the price!

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