We have a whole range of power kites, traction kites, foil kites and accessories. All our products are available to purchase online for next day delivery. Our team have a very good knowledge base and we use a lot of these products in our school so please feel free to contact us for our opinion or if you’re struggle to choose which is most suitable.

Powerkites make a great Christmas or birthday gift for children and adults alike. It’s also a perfect and inexpensive way to get into the sports that we teach. The more you can practice with a smaller power kite or trainer kite the quicker you’ll progress, which will in turn save a lot of money on lessons!

Powerkites & Foil Kites

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Depowerable Foil Kites

Landboards & Buggys


Buy Power Kites Online

We have a whole range of powerkites available to purchase either in store or if you buy power kites online, they’re all available for next day delivery.

Powerkites / Traction Kites / Foil Kites / Trainer Kites

All of these kites are effectively the same product but are often described in different ways. They are all small twin skin kites which use the force of the wind to fill them up which in turn creates their shape. They’re simple, effective, inexpensive, durable and easy to use.

Power kites are available in all sizes from 0.6m up to around 6m and come in different forms. Some are simple 2 line kites (one line to each side of the kite which allows it to be steered), others are 3 lines (same set up but a line down the middle to help relaunch the kite if you’re on your own) and 4 lines (2 lines to each side for steering and braking).

We suggest simple 2 line kites for children as gifts but if you’re looking for something to then use for kite landboarding or to train to learn to kitesurf then a 3 line set up is preferable.

A 4 line set up is more specific and is generally used on larger kites where a bar isn’t suitable.

Depowerable Foil Kites

Depowerable foil kites are similar to kitesurfing kites in sense that they fly on a 4 or 5 line depowerable bar. They are generally available in 3m sizes or larger and are aimed at being used to kite landboard, kite buggy, snowkite or on the water with a kite foil.

They are very efficient, powerful kites that excel in light winds due to their reduced weight compared to a tube kite. We stock a good range of depowerable foil kites that are available online or in store. These are our favourite kites on our annual snowkite trip to Italy due to their efficiency and stability in light and gusty winds.

Kite Landboards & Buggys

Kite Landboards and buggys can be used in conjunction with a powerkite or depowerable foil kite. These can be used on the sand at the beach or inland, which is why they are a popular choice for kitesurfing who are not coastal bound. Kite landboarding is a great stepping stone to learn to kitesurf as it’s more accessible and easier to progress while also inexpensive in comparison. Learning to kite landboarding will dramatically decrease the time it learn to kitesurf afterwards.

Powerkite & Landboard Accessories

We always stock a large array or power kite and kite landboarding accessories, from bars, handles and lines, to wheel bearings and ground stakes. Often they aren’t always listed online so feel free to give us a call or drop into the shop.