Peter Lynn Kiteboarding

LEI Kites


The Swell is a high-performance waveride kite with incredible capacities. The light bar pressure allows you to feel free and focus on riding waves. This kite flies very quickly through the wind window and drifts like no other. The Swell not only performs well with freeriding and foiling but also beginners love the fact that the Swell just flips over and relaunches really easy. Make the ocean your playground with the new Swell.


Feel like you can do anything with the new Escape V8. Whether you want to go fast, boost big or practice every trick in the book, the V8 will act as an extension of your body, completing your moves and adapting to your needs. The winning and distinctive features of the Escape have been kept: intuitive and direct handling, super responsive feeling and no compromise on power. With the improvements on the canopy, the V8’s performance stands out big!


Being the allround kite in the PLKB range, the Hook V2 is designed to combine rider comfort with exceptional performance. Any rider can enjoy it and progress through their style, starting from any level. The Hook is built for those who are looking to advance and polish their technique. Smooth power build-up and upwind ability, big air and buttery landings: everything you need for epic sessions all year round.


We developed the very best light wind kite to maximize your time on the water! We’re proud to introduce the new Synergy – the optimum feather-weight kite. The Synergy ensures that you will always be able to kite, and never be on the sidelines when the wind is low or drops off!


The Raw is our 5 line wakestyle kite made for maximum pop and slack line, created only for those who want to push their wakestyle riding. Featuring the 5th line, the Raw is all about power, tricks and speed. It’s built for explosive pops, direct feel and slack during your unhooked tricks. The Raw’s 5 strut design makes this kite strong, stable and predictable during tricks.

Trainer Kites

Hype Play

The Hype is the perfect kite for a day out with the whole family. It is incredibly easy to set-up and suitable for all ages and skill levels. Flying the Hype does not require any prior kiting experience.It’s docile flying behavior ensures that there are no sudden power surges when flying.

Hype Trainer

peter lynn hype
The Hype Trainer is a very friendly 2-line powerkite which is easy to fly for just about anyone no matter age or skill. Even without any prior kiting experience, the Hype Trainer is your entry into the exciting world of powerkiting. It is incredibly easy to set-up 2-line powerkite flown on a control bar. The Hype is suitable for the whole family.

Impulse TR

peter lynn impulse tr
To make your powerkiting progression fun as well as challenging, the Impulse TR is safe and easy to fly. The Impulse TR flies easy in light winds so beginners can fly it with confidence – fly it in higher winds and experience the power and excitement of a real powerkite!

Skim TR

To make your first steps into kitesurfing fun, easy and challenging PLKB built the Skim. The Skim is a Closed Cell 3-line trainerkite that can always be relaunched super easily, even from the water. It makes it perfectly suitable for those body dragging sessions to get used to controlling a kite while in the water. The Skim offers an easy yet challenging learning curve perfect for those important first steps into this exhilarating world.


peter lynn hornet powerkite
To ensure anybody can learn 4-line controls with confidence we have built the ultimate all-rounder. The PLKB Hornet is the most well established all-round powerkite in the world, in over 10 years of history it has been revised, redesigned and tuned to perfection. No matter in which traction kiting discipline your ambition lies, the Hornet will provide you with a highly dependable and versatile entry-to-intermediate level traction kite.


Commander Bar

In cooperation with different kite schools, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding has designed an LEI control bar that caters to the specific demands of kite instructors, schools and beginner kiteboarders. By using parts that are already in use by multiple brands, and thus thoroughly tested, we can guarantee a bar that functions even in the most demanding school settings. The 2020 Peter Lynn Commander Bar is built so that it’s simple and straight forward, has easy replaceable parts it needed, and is very strong, tough and durable.

About Peter Lynn

Peter Lynn Kiteboarding have been in the game since day 1. Starting in 1971 the brand have progressed through the years to become one of the most respected kite makers for quality and performance. The cater well for beginners looking to get into general kitesports. Their wide range of landkites are great for getting children involved, and their extensive range of kites provides the gear needed for whatever route of kitesports is chosen. R&D runs across all faculties of kite sports, inluding snow and land. This has ensured that they stay ahead of the progression curve. The development of the twin skin kite being noteable example. Grab yourself a piece of kitesurfing heritage that will perform like no other!