Duotone Kiteboarding



The ultimate wakestyle-freestyle competition kite on the market, with more podiums, more championships, and more victories than any other kite. This is the kite for you if you want to land the latest tricks.


The best all-rounder in the Duotone range, the Evo is a favourite among man. For freeride, big air, waves and anything you want to do on the water.


Duotone Dice SLS 2022
Designed for big air, powerful lift, extreme kite loops and with impressive freestyle performance. The all-new Dice is the perfect kite for the rider who wants to go big!


The ultimate wave-riding machine in the line up has won more world wave and strapless freestyle events than any other kite.


The best and most successful all-rounder in the Duotone range just got even better, on top of the Evo range, we proudly introduce the high-performance Evo SLS – an experience of flying a kite like never before! SLS incorporates new materials and technologies across the Duotone range to create an even better performing product.

Dice SLS

Duotone Dice SLS 2022
The Dice is known for Freestyle, smashing loops and even performs in waves when steered actively – and it just got the SLS upgrade. Every enthusiastic progressive rider look out, here comes the all-new Dice SLS!


Duotone Neo SLS 2022
The world’s best wave and strapless freestyle kite, even better with the Strong Light Superior construction. Featuring Penta TX; accept no substitutes and get your ticket to get barreled.

Juice D/LAB

The completely new Juice D/LAB is the apex predator of lightwind kites and at the top of the food chain. Without a doubt the lightest in the range, featuring the most advanced design innovations in our range, getting you on the water when you think it’s impossible.


The best freeride kite on the market is back, and it’s ready to redefine the boundaries of hangtime and kiteboarding as you know it.



The Slick is the most versatile wing in the range., Easy to fly, intuitive handling and incredible stability no matter the conditions or how you choose to ride!


A wing for powered riding in all conditions, perfect for freeriding, waves, light wind and freestyle! The perfect wing for even the very first days on the water.


A lightweight and simple wing that packs down small, making it perfect for riders who travel and value a straightforward, very stable setup with incredible drifting abilities!



Start your kiteboarding journey right. Make every new trick easier to learn, improve your riding faster and make every session count!


If there was a product in our sport that had the biggest legacy, the Jaime would be it. Responsible for a revolution in board design and manufacture. It continues to set a standard as the perfect freestyle and freeride board.

Jaime SLS

The ultimate freestyle and freeride board is even lighter, more responsive and also more fun to ride, thanks to the SLS construction!

Soleil Girl

The Soleil is a board designed specifically for women that sets the standard in the industry. Dynamic, easy to ride, but most of all fun!

Soleil Girl SLS

If you are looking for the ultimate in freeride performance, and a board designed by women for women, this is the SLS answer to it.


A light wind twin tip that doesn’t know what mowing the lawn means. This board is built for fun-filled performance no matter the conditions.

Spike SLS

Lightwind performance redefined, lighter, faster and with a lively feel underfoot, jump on and enjoy the ride!

Team Series

When freestyle is in your blood, you’ll need a board that puts a fire through your veins. The Team Series comes with performance guaranteed.


The Select is an incredible freeride board that offers a butter-smooth ride. Coupled with high-end performance it will excite you every session.



A classic do-it-all surfboard, a traditional shape with a modern twist, this high-performance board excels in every kind of wave.


Duotone whip 2020
Designed for small to medium sized waves, the Whip is a modern high performance design packed into a compact shape.

Fish D/Lab

Duotone Fish D/Lab 2022
New for 2022, the Fish D/LAB enjoys the benefits of the magic and even lighter D/LAB construction! With it comes more performance to maximise every session on the water, no matter the conditions!

Fish SLS

The ultimate small wave and light wind board just got even better. The new SLS construction combines with an updated shape to make the board even more fun on the water.

Hybrid SLS

Ideal for wave riders who want a foil board too. The Hybrid SLS features all the awesomeness of the Whip with foil inserts for when the wind and waves don’t blow!

Session SLS

Take your big wave riding to a whole new level with the new Session SLS, combining the latest construction techniques and an updated shape for the ultimate carving experience.

Voke SLS

The Voke SLS is quite simply the best strapless freestyle board on the planet, built to ensure the most demanding of riders can nail every trick when it counts. In our top end SLS construction there is no limit to where this board can take you!


Duotone Wam D:Lab
Brand new for 2022, the Wam D/LAB features the pinnacle of surfboard construction, making it lighter, more durable and even more dynamic on the water.

Whip SLS

Incredible performance packed into a small shape with our premium SLS construction that is perfect for attacking small to medium-sized waves and strapless freestyle.


Duotone Kiteboarding have garnered a well earned reputation for performance and quality. Since their inception 2 decades ago they have steadily grown in popularity by continually pushing ahead with innovative designs on their kites, boards and bars. They have an impressive pro team to rigorously test their hardware to the extremes.

The Evo, Dice, and Vegas are the standards of the Duotone Kiteboarding kite range, and are familiar sites on any kitting beach. What’s the best kite for freestyle? With it’s superb unhooked performance take a look at the Dice,. What’s the best kite for big air? Boasting more podium finishes then any other kite in the business, check out the Vegas. What’s the best kite to do it all? Regarded affectionately by it’s loyalist, the Evo is the kite that can go from drifting down a wave to boosting high in the sky.

Sustainability is also big in Duotone Kiteboarding. Ever year they publish their sustainability goals to set out how they’ll reduce CO2 in their supply chain, whilst supporting smaller sustainability initiatives.

Here’s a slice.