Kitesurfing lesson; what should I book?

Not sure which kitesurfing lesson is right for you? Here’s a handy guide to help you decide the level you are currently and help book for the correct lesson straight away.

What Lesson Should I Take? Flowchart

All of the information about our lessons can be found here. This will give you a nice clear idea of what we offer, how long the courses are and what to expect!

However if you are not sure what kitesurfing stage you’re at? Here’s the quick breakdown to help you decide.

Kitesurf Lessons, Quick Glance:

Looking for your first kitesurfing lesson? Tried other sports and decided to give kitesurfing a go? Our session one is designed with you in mind. It will teach you all of the basics to start your kitesurfing journey. Read more here.

However, flown a trainer kite before? or had an introductory kitesurf lesson anywhere else? including trying your body drags then you want to look at our session two here.

After that, if you have confidently completed all four body drags it’s time for session three and introducing the kite board.

Once you have started comfortably using the board in your sessions please look at sessions four and five to master your board work skills and become an independent kitesurfer.

Ready to book your kitesurfing session?

If you’re ready to book, you can use our online booking system and book yourself in for any of our available slots for 2022 now. We recommend booking at least two weeks in advance for weekday sessions, and four weeks ahead for weekend sessions as we get incredibly busy!

If you cannot find the date you are looking for we do run a waiting list, fill this in here and we will contact you if any extra spaces or cancellations arise.

Want to buy a loved one an experience gift voucher instead? You can read about the options and order this online here and be the ultimate gift-giver; vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.