Kitesurfing Lessons

The Kitesurf Centre offers BKSA kitesurfing lessons for all abilities, from complete beginner courses to advanced coaching.

  • Professional, Experienced Instructors with BKSA and BSUPA qualifications.
  • Newest Equipment which is regularly checked, maintained and replaced.
  • Two Beaches & Designated Teaching zones so lessons go ahead in any wind direction, and students have plenty of room to learn.
  • The best wind stats in England with over 95% of teachable days in main season thanks to warm thermal winds from the channel.
  • Beachfront Centre with shop, classroom, changing rooms and toilet.
  • Simple, 24/7 Online Booking with your account to receive messages from your instructor on.
  • Lessons All Year Round for private tuition, and group lessons running from March to November.

1 Day Kitesurfing Lesson

kitesurfing lessons
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Cost: £99 (Weekday), £119 (Weekend)

The 1 Day Kitesurfing course is aimed at complete beginners and is a fantastic introduction to the sport. Initially covering safety and theory before moving onto powerkite flying, LEI setup and flying as well as body drags, it’s a great taster day.

2 Day Kitesurfing Course

kitesurfing lessons
  • Duration: 12 Hours (6 Each Day)
  • Cost: £199 (Weekday), £229 (Weekend)

The 2 Day Kitesurfing Course follows on from the 1 Day Kitesurfing Course with the second day going on to cover more complex bodydragging techniques and introducing board starts. It’s a great weekend break and ideal for those wanting to spend more time in the water.

3 Day Kitesurfing Course

kitesurfing lessons
  • Duration: 15 Hours (6 Hours on Days 1 & 2, 3 Hours on Day 3 (2 people per instructor on day 3)
  • Cost: £299 (Weekday), £349 (Weekend)

The first two days of this course follow the same outline as the 1 and 2 day courses, with another full day added on to really begin to master the board. On this lesson we reduce the group size down to 2 per instructor to really help progression and give you three hours of intense practise to get you riding up on the board.

5 Day Kitesurfing Camp

kitesurfing lessons
  • Duration: 30 hours (6 hours each day)
  • Cost: £499

The 5 Day Kitesurfing Camp is aimed at taking you from a complete beginner to a confident kitesurfer capable of riding safely. With 5 while days you’ve got plenty of time to cover the practical side as well as learn more detailed theory, equipment tuning and more advanced skills such as transitions.

Private Tuition

kitesurfing lessons
  • Duration: Book by the hour. We recommend 2 hours for 1-2-1 tuition, with an additional hour for each extra person.
  • Cost:
    1-2-1: £55/h (Weekday), £65/h (Weekend)
    2-2-1: £75/h (Weekday), £85/h (Weekend)
    3-2-1: £90/h (Weekday), £105/h (Weekend)

2020 Deal: Buy 6 lessons and only pay for 5!

We offer private tuition lessons for any level and sport. With private tuition, you’ll have an instructor to yourself and be able to learn at your own pace for maximum progress in the shortest time. Using high quality 2 way radios, you’ll receive real time tips and support no matter how far you ride, and you can ask questions instantly.

Hydrofoiling Lessons

kitesurfing lessons
  • Duration: 2 / 3 Hours
  • Cost: £75/h

The newest addition to our course catalogue, hydrofoil lessons are the perfect new challenge for advanced kitesurfers. The hydrofoil craze has been growing around the world for a couple of years now, and it’s easy to see why when you’re able to go out kiting even on the light wind days. The Kitesurf Centre is lucky enough to have two of the first instructors to become qualified BKSA Hydrofoil Instructors, and they’re seriously stoked to pass on their knowledge.

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