kitesurf bar
Bar Accessories

Here at The Kitesurfcentre we stock huge range of different control safety systems from Duotone, North, F-One or Airush. You will find spare parts for bars including safety lines, pigtails, replacement Click bar parts. You can shop extensive range of bar accessories from leashes to freeride kits and locking chicken digs.

Control Bars – they allow you do connect and control the power of your kite through the lines, safety system and bar.
All the elements working together working like a steering wheel, allowing you to turn, jump, slow down but most importantly bring the kite down in a safe manner when eject from the safety system.

Bar Accessories including freeride or freestyle leashes, different chicken loops, digs or bar trims.

Lines are playing crucial role in your safety so make sure they are in good condition. Every worn off part should be replaced. We stock large amount of lines from different brands. When you changing between different kite brands get a set of universal pigtails which allows you to that in a quickest way and save few quid having 3 different bars.