ADHD Chromatic

shinn adhd
All new for 2020, this is the 2nd generation of this popular deck. The ADHD Chromatic is our highest performance deck. Stiff enough to perform yet comfortable enough to enjoy we’ve built an entirely new hull concept to bring you the best in Freestyle and Big Air as the conditions dictate. Whether competition freestyle of KOTA air style Mega Loops are your thing, the ADHD Chromatic inspires confidence.

Splicer Splitboard

Shinn Slicer 2020
A first for Shinn the Slicer is a complete re-invention of the split board concept.
Our goal to produce a split board that’s performance, quality and style are worthy to carry the Shinn name in a package that’s easy and convenient to travel with.
Our innovative 3-piece split features both board and PU connector all engineered to fit seamlessly together in a way that’s secure and strong.

Bronq Chromatic

All new but clearly displaying it’s lineage – the Shinn Bronq Chromatic 2021 is much more than just an incremental change; it’s a giant step forwards in efficiency and comfort. Building on the lessons learnt through the development of the Slicer Split TT, Shinn combined the Double Step tip channels with the all new Dual-Track base to create an unrestricted water flow throughout the board’s length. This is undoubtably the plushest and most engaging ride in the whole Chromatic range.

Monk Chromatic

Crisp and sharp performance in an industry leading package that combines unbelievable chop handling, amazing carving and an outstandingly easy, comfortable ride.
Utilizing a unique multi-ridge/concave base design and our exclusive Fan tail Exhaust tips every feature of the Monk has been designed to redirect the water flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Monkette Chromatic

For 2021, we continue with a board that we believe redefines the shape of freeride performance and consistently wins critical aclaim. Our continuing goal? To maintain the characteristics the Monk and Monkette have become famous for – unbelievable chop handling, amazing carving and an outstandingly comfy ride. We developed this design to maximise the efficiency by encouraging the flow through the critical areas rather than forcibly redirecting it.

Pinbot Chromatic

The Pinbot is the Shinn that provides the fastest and yet easiest way to master your skills. Amazing upwind performance at all power levels, un-believable chop handling and full-service carving, loading or transitioning. The Pinbot incorporates our renowned forgiving ride qualities making it the perfect board to help complete any moves that may need some polishing. Fast and enjoyable progress without the fear of out growing your ride as your level quickly improves.

Ronson Chromatic

All new (and yet surprisingly familar) the Ronson Chromatic is the latest version of this popular and test winning model. We’ve utilised and developed the technological lessons learnt from the development of the Slicer Split TT  to bring you a board that seamlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride. The all new dual-track base channels radically increase efficiency achieving the combination of better upwind and lightwind performance. 

Superking Chromatic

shinn kiteboard
The Superking range is dedicated to performing in lighter winds and for heavier riders. Maximum fun in minimum winds with a board that won’t hold you back if the wind increases a few knots. Using an adaptation of our Split Concave base, this range provides for exceptionally early planning and a comfortable upwind ride. By combining a naturally efficient rocker with bilateral flex tips the Superking provides carving, edging and POP performance. 


Resurector Surf Wing

The Resurector 2021 is the high quality wing you would expect from Shinn. Focusing on power, stability and effortless control this is a truly all-round wing capable of taking you from your first days on the water until you‘re competent and confident in all winds. Low end drive with control, the Shinn Resurector Wing has absolute reliability when flagged and effortless ease of use. A wing that is stiff and responsive for pumping whilst exhibiting a progressive depower that feels totally intuitive. Every feature has been carefully considered allowing you to focus on your ride.

About The Brand

Shinn boards are the finest on the market. Famed for their lightness and refined design, here at The Kitesurf Centre they are always our first choice when we hit the waves. Shinn focuse their innovation solely on boards. Therefore, each product is loaded with the latest features that guarantee a smooth ride, great pop, and an all round riding experience that is unparalleled by no other brand.