Our best team yet: We at The Kitesurf Centre pride ourselves in having a selection of the most experienced and highly regarded instructors in the UK. For this year we have our best team yet… we even added another dog!

Hand Selected: Our hand picked instructors are all BKSA or IKO qualified with a vast amount of experience. Most of which have previously managed centres in the UK and abroad or do so in our winter months.

Continual training & improvement: Having great instructors really makes a difference to your kite lessons, as teaching kite & watersports can be difficult. This is why we are very selective when choosing our employees and continually change and improve our instruction methods with staff coaching.

The Shop Team

Tristan Cawte – BKSA Senior Instructor & Shop Manager


Tristan learnt to kitesurf in 2005 and continued his passion whilst at University where he obtained a Marine Engineering degree, but more importantly his instructors certificate! On completion he taught for schools in England and abroad before gaining his senior instructor certificate and subsequently managed several centres. Before establishing The Kitesurf Centre with Thomas, he taught potential kitesurfing intructors the BKSA syllabus in Egypt. Tristan loves going kitesurfing on the really stormy days and doing huge jumps and mega loops – if it’s 40mph+ then you’ll see him out there!

Thomas Cawte – BKSA & BSUPA Instructor & Shop Manager


Thomas initially learnt to kite landboard whilst studying a Masters degree in Chemistry at Warwick University. After graduation he moved into kitesurfing and taught at several schools in the UK before establishing The Kitesurf Centre with his brothers in 2007.

Thomas is also a keen snowboarder and stand up paddle boarder which has really opened up our eyes to the amazing wave surfing conditions Camber can offer. He runs the repair service with Michael and is very knowledgeable about all sorts of kitesurfing equipment. If he’s not at the Centre you might see him out and about racing the roads of East Sussex on his road bike!

Rupert Cawte – BKSA & BSUPA Instructor & Shop Manager


Rupert initially bought a power kite many years ago to landboard with but was soon hooked and wanted a bigger kite so then learnt to kitesurf. Along with his brothers, Rupert is also involved with the running of the school and is very knowledgeable about the local conditions and equipment.

As well as kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding/surfing, Rupert also loves snowboarding and cycling. He currently holds the world record for fastest speed on a snowboard (indoor) and is possibly the world’s biggest fan of biscuits. When not going for his next world record you’ll find him buried in a pile of ideas for all sorts of inventions!

The School Team

Jen Bell-Taylor – BKSA Senior Instructor, BSUPA Instructor & School Manager

Jen has been teaching since 2010 and involved in kite sports for many years more. She has taught around the UK and managed kite schools at various destinations worldwide, bringing with her a great passion for kiting and a fantastic dedication to all things watersports. In addition to running the school, Jen is also a co-founder of thekitespot.com and writes equipment reviews for TheKiteMag.

Having Jen in The Kitesurf Centre crew means we can now teach lessons in ‘Northern’ – but for everyone else, don’t worry we’ll add subtitles!

Zoe Hardacre – Bookings Coordinator

Zoe works alongside Jen for all your school needs; after learning to kitesurf with us in 2020 she was eager to join the team and aims to be an instructor herself very soon.

When not helping you organise your lessons she can be found on the water either kiting, surfing or windsurfing! Throughout the winter she tends to jet off to different locations around the world with her sketchbook and boards close by.

Steve Thane – BKSA & BSUPA Instructor


Steve participated in our 8 Week Fastrack Instructor Course in the summer of 2016 and we haven’t been able to get rid of him since! He spent his first winter instructing in South Africa and this second winter in Aruba, but he still keeps coming back to Camber – we think it’s because of the incredible conditions here but really it’s probably because we occasionally feed him burgers…

He’s been involved in kitesports for around 10 years now and this shows in his extensive knowledge of all the equipment. Known for being loud and crazy, you’ll hear Steve on the beach before you actually see him! When you do see him you’ll very quickly realise this is a man who loves kiting and spends a lot of time in the sun doing it!

Clive Marriner – BKSA Senior Kitesports Instructor


Clive has been kitesurfing many years and began to instruct on the water in 2009. Prior to this he taught powerkiting in the parks of London (and worked as an insurance broker, but we try not to judge him for this!)

Clive is super friendly, enthusiastic and a real asset to The Kitesurf Centre. You’ll often see him on the beach with his similarly enthusiastic kids, and if you’re lucky enough you might even have one of the older ones helping out on your lesson! Always finding something to laugh about, you’re guaranteed to come back from a lesson with Clive with a smile on your face.

Rob Jozefoweski – BKSA Instructor

Rob has been teaching with us for the last five years now and we love to welcome him back each season, he has loads of experience to share and might end up being your instructor if you book a private lesson. Rob is definitely someone to watch on the water, his riding style is so smooth and gentle, no matter what the conditions!

Stan Northover – BKSA & IKO Instructor

Stan is known by us as king of the reviews. If you’ve read our customer feedback you are guaranteed to see Stan’s name come up (for all the right reasons!) He has the patience of a saint and really does know how to fill you with confidence during a lesson.

Adam Bradford – BKSA Instructor

Adam learnt to kite with us a few years back, got the stoke and wanted to be an instructor himself. Having Adam on the team makes it not only a fun working environment but a wicked place to learn.

You usually hear Adam before you see him, singing along to himself from somewhere around the centre. When he’s not teaching he loves to rock out on his guitar, hit the mountains on his snowboard for some freestyle fun or get out on the water.

Mare Kull – BKSA Instructor

Mare has kited for many years now and enjoyed teaching at locations across the UK. She started her instructor journey by doing our 8 week instructor course and set off around the UK to gain experience so we were delighted when she decided she wanted to come back and join our team!

Mare has excellent rapport with our customers and has helped develop many students, even into becoming instructors themselves, which we think speaks volumes for how wonderful she is.

Jayson Beck – BKSA Instructor

Jayson (Jay to those that know him) is quite possibly the happiest and friendliest person you’ll ever meet. No matter the weather or time of day he is always there to meet you with an upbeat hello and will be completely stoked for a session. He is super enthusiastic and absolutely loves to share his knowledge and skills with others. You’re in for a great time when you have Jay to teach you.

Janna Olsson – BKSA Instructor & PADI Divemaster

In 2011 Janna converted from diving to kitesurfing – a great switch! Having travelled all over the world diving, kiting and snowboarding, Janna moved to Camber at the end of 2017 and has been instructing for us part time since then. She is multilingual speaking , really friendly and a great part of the team. Always happy, especially when there’s sun and wind, Janna’s enthusiasm is infectious and you’ll always enjoy a lesson with her.

When she isn’t teaching you’ll find her playing in the sand dunes with her adventure loving daughter Freya – we challenge you to find another toddler who knows more sea creatures than she does!

Stoka Solla – IKO Instructor

Having spent over seven years teaching students to kitesurf in Thailand he decided to swap the warm tropical waters for our very own piece of paradise in Camber. You’ll spot Stoka by the massive smile on his face, he is full of knowledge and experience guaranteeing a great lesson whether you’re new to the sport or advancing!

Paul Harwood – BKSA Instructor


Just like Steve, Paul took our 8 Week Fastrack Instructor Course and has stuck around ever since! He’ll be the first to tell you that it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made. After a great first season instructing for us, we’ve asked Paul to come back as so many students were requesting him! Always looking for something fun, Paul is a brilliant part of the team and his excitement and support of students throughout his lessons make him a great instructor. You may have spotted any of the numerous googly eye faces around the centre (or local village!) – these ‘works of art’ belong to Paul – we told you he’s always looking for fun!

Loki- Centre Dog 


Joining us new for the season is Loki, our excitable puppy! Taking directly after his namesake, Loki is a wonderfully adorable yet mischievous dog with a love of walks on the beach and belly rubs. You’ll find him wandering around the centre shop looking for people to play with. We’ve not quite got him trained to fetch kites yet, but it’s an ongoing project!