Kitesurfing Equipment Hire

Kite Buggy, Landboard, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) & Surfboard Rental on Camber Sands Beach


Kitesurfing equipment hire is aimed at those who have completed kitesurfing lessons either with us or at another school but don’t yet want to commit to purchasing your own kit, or perhaps are on holiday in the South East near Camber, Greatstone or Rye? Equipment hire is an economic and easy way to get you out on the water.

We also offer the hire of kitesurfing boards/harnesses , kite buggy, SUP, surf and kite landboarding equipment – everything you need is included. It is best to contact us about hiring these individual items as it is subject to availabilty and conditions forecast.

BKSA Level Certification & Ability Assessment

To hire kitesurfing equipment you must have completed a kitesurf course and be BKSA / IKO level 2 certified or able to show a competent level of skill and riding ability. For anyone who hasn’t hired before, we require a quick assessment before allowing you on the water. This takes around 10 minutes. If you’re unable to demonstrate all the safety requirements, you would be asked to take a private lesson with an instructor before being able to rent equipment.

As a minimum, in order to hire equipment from us, you must:

  • Be able to ride in wind gusting up to 30kts
  • Be able to perform a self rescue (deep water packdown) in up to 30kt wind
  • Be comfortable using and resetting any brand of safety system
  • Know the designated kitesurf zones of Camber Sands
  • Be aware of the safe launching and landing areas of the beach
  • Be able to correctly read a wind and tide forecast
  • Be able to make judgements on incoming and variable weather from cloud formations
  • Be confident landing a kite alone if necessary (in difficult conditions)
  • Know the rules of the road and abide by them
  • Be able to swim confidently in open water for prolonged periods
  • Have BKSA or equivalent membership which includes 3rd party liability insurance
  • Have gone through a thorough pre-hire introduction with a member of management of The Kitesurf Centre

If a member of staff at The Kitesurf Centre does not feel that you meet the minimum requirements, or that the conditions exceed your ability on the day, we reserve the right to refuse hire.

We will not hire equipment in wind consistently over 25kts average speed.


You must hold your own third party liability insurance which you can purchase by joining the BKSA with an annual membership. We suggest purchasing this even if you don’t intend to hire but continue with kitesurfing after lessons as it covers you for up to £5 million in 3rd party liability (if you crash your kite on someone or it blows into a 3rd party causing damage or injury)

Please bring a recognised form of ID and bank card when hiring the equipment.

Tide Times

Kite rental times are dependent on the tides and need booking in advance, so please check our online booking system which shows what times are available each day through the season. Kitesurfing at Camber is restricted at high tide due to space restrictions and the detriment this has on safety.

Equipment Hire Prices:

CoursesCost Per HourCost Per Day
Full kitesurf equipment hire – inc wetsuit, harness & buoyancy aid£30£85
Kitesurfing kite hire£20£50
Kitesurf board hire£15£40
Directional board hire£15£40
Wetsuit / harness hire£10 £25
Full kite landboard/buggy equipment hire£20 £50
Power/trainer kite hire£15£40
Buggy/Landboard hire£10£30
Stand up paddle board hire – inc wetsuit & buoyancy aid£15£45
Wingboarding equipment hire (Wing & Landboard or SUP)£25£70

Please note, only full-day hire options can be booked online. If you are uncertain about your skill level for hire, please contact us before booking. Our hire terms and conditions can be read here.