O’Neill Wetsuits

The Epic Range

The Epic has many of the same great features as O’Neill’s high-end wetsuits, as it includes 100% UltraFlex neoprene, double seal neck closure, LSD (lumbar seamless design) and re-engineered covert blackout zip for instance. Clean graphics and sharp style lines make the Epic the best value in the industry. Here at The Kitesuf Centre we have many of the sizes available in mens and womens.

Epic Mens Winter Chestzip

O’Neill Epic 5 4 Chest Zip Mens Wetsuit 2020
Thanks to their unmatched ability to keep the water out, chestzips are growing in popularity. They have shorter zip lines which gives both great wetsuit flexibility and minimal flushing.

Epic Mens Winter Backzip

O’Neill Epic 5 4 Back Zip Mens Wetsuit 2020
The more traditional design of backzips are the best choice for those with reduced flexibility. A large opening makes them easier to put on and take off. They remain a popular choice with those getting into watersports.

Epic Mens Winter Chestzip Hood

We loose a lot of heat from our head. For those cold water sessions a hooded wetsuit can make all the difference to your session. These are particularly recommended for the more immersive water sports, such as surfing and bodyboarding.

Epic Womens Winter Backzip

o'neill epic 5/4 backzip flowers
A toasty warm two layer design featuring a 360˚ smooth skin interior lining, wide adjustablility, and a secure lock down. Fully adjustable and watertight.

Epic Womens Winter Chestzip

O’Neill’s exclusive F.U.Z.E. (Front Upper Zip Entry) system offers a fresh alternative. Using the same free floating zipper technology as our patented Z.E.N. ZIP closure. The F.U.Z.E. closure keeps you dry and allows unrestricted flexibility.

The HyperFreak Range

The HyperFreak F.U.Z.E. is constructed with super light TechnoButter 3 and TB3X neoprene. O’Neill have added 0.5 mm thicker material as a step-up from the HyperFreak Comp. Becasue of the minimal seam design, lightweight, quality construction, and attention to detail, this range has become another team inspired favorite.

Hyperfreak Mens Winter Chestzip

O’Neill Hyperfreak 5 4 Chest Zip 2020
O’Neill’s exclusive F.U.Z.E. (Front Upper Zip Entry) system offers a fresh alternative. Using the same free floating zipper technology as O’Neill’s patented Z.E.N. ZIP closure. The F.U.Z.E. closure keeps you dry and allows unrestricted flexibility within your wetsuit.

Hyperfreak Mens Winter Chestzip Hood

O’Neill Hyperfreak 5 4 Chest Zip with Hood 2020
O’Neill’s exclusive new improved stretch, hydrophobic neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core. Ultimate, flexibility, warmth and comfort. Combined with Technobutter 3X, the lightest, most flexible, softest wetsuit material ever created.

The Pyscho One Range

The Unparalleled Premium in Lightweight Flexibility and Durability. Now featuring TB Firewall with heat retaining thermal interior layer in the chest, back, and legs. Team inspired minimal seam design.

Pyscho One Mens Chestzip

O'Neill Pyscho One 5 4 Chest Zip
O’Neill’s exterior fluid seam weld is a revolutionary seam construction that utilises a non-chafing high-grade, silicone-based urethane. Applied in liquid form to outside of a glued and blindstitched seam, it completely blocks out water without restricting flexibility.

Pyscho One Mens Backzip

An ergonomic, seamless under sleeve panel that allows for unrestricted motion and eliminates wetsuit rashing. Flexible and unique design which utilizes minimal seam placement for comfort.

The Pyscho Tech Range

O’Neill’s Psycho Tech combines their exclusive TechnoButter 3 and added heat-generating TechnoButter Air-Firewall. It’s offered in a wide range of styles with the hi-tech features you need to stay warm and toasty in any condition.

Pyscho Tech Mens Winter Chestzip

2020 O'Neill Pyscho Tech 4 3 Chest Zip
A bonded low profile cuff seal that keeps water out of your suit. The ultimate seal and durability. O’Neill’s Super seal cuff is fused to create a very low profile at the cuff ending creating the best seal ever

Pyscho Tech Mens Winter Backzip

2020 O'Neill Pyscho Tech 5 4 Back Zip
O’Neill’s innovative patented Z.E.N. Zip Entry system is the most imitated entry/closure system in the world. This free floating exterior mini zip allows for a zipperless feel and stops water from entering the wetsuit.

Pyscho Tech Mens Winter Chestzip Hooded

2020 O'Neill Pyscho Tech 6 4 With Hood Chest Zip
Constructed with Fluid Seam Weld and UltraFlex DS neoprene, a key pocket has added strength. It is easy to access and is completely secure.

About The Brand

Almost everyone’s heard of the surfing brand O’Neill. Starting out in California way back in the 1950’s, they have steadily and surely refined their brand to become one of the best respected and well known wetsuit manufacturers of today. As a result they have earned a reputation for quality and comfort. O’Neill wetsuits are often the choice of water sport instructors and pro riders. They are lauded for their unparalleled warmth and flexibility. Men’s wetsuits, women’s wetsuits and children’s wetsuits are standards of their range. They have summer wetsuits and winter wetsuits available for more temperate climates.