All decisions regarding the running or cancellation of any course are at the absolute discretion of The Kitesurf Centre whose decision shall be final.The Kitesurf Centre will provide tuition, insurance and all the necessary equipment required for the student to undertake the course. The student must accept that all courses are weather dependent and that this may adversely affect your course. If in the judgement of The Kitesurf Centre a course is unable to start due to weather conditions or because safety could be compromised for any reason, students will be offered a credit in respect of any days owed to them by The Kitesurf Centre, a refund will not  be an option.


It is then the responsibility of the student to contact The Kitesurf Centre within 3 months to re-arrange their booking. However, students will be notified as soon as/if possible when in-fill places become available. We do often have space in the week to finish courses so do be prepared to come down on a weekday as weekends can be busy and you may have to wait for a space.

In the event of a course that has started being abandoned through changing weather conditions, students will be offered where possible the following:• On a day course where a half-day or less is lost, a full half-day will be offered on a future course that has unfilled places. (A part course in-fill does not have priority over a full course place)• On a part completed two or three-day course (day and a half or less) an in-fill on the final day of a future course will be offered, again with no priority given over a full course place. If two days are completed on a three day course, a free 3rd day board control lesson will be offered. Every effort will be made to accommodate students preferred dates.


Students booked onto a course, will be charged full payment, regardless of whether subsequently the student completes the course.


Students are required to notify The Kitesurf Centre at the time of booking the course of any medical condition suffered by them that may be relevant to the activity to be undertaken on the course and which could be considered a risk to their or others health and safety. All information given will be treated with strict confidentiality. Any misinformation will void the partakers insurance cover for which The Kitesurf Centre will not be held accountable.


All courses are booked for specified dates are non-transferable within 14 days of the course date. If a students misses their specified date, a refund or alternative date will not be offered. No course booking is confirmed before full payment or a deposit is received.


If on any group course and only 1 person is booked on, The Kitesurf Centre reserve the right to run the session as a ‘1-2-1’ individual lesson with the equivalent value.

The student may reschedule the booking at any time up to 14 days prior to the course start date by calling The Kitesurf Centre to arrange an alternative date. If the student wishes to cancel a booking within 14 days of the course start date they will be credited with the amount due to them minus a minimum administrative charge of £25. However, cancellations and refunds/re-booking within 14 days of the course are at the discretion of The Kitesurf Centre. If the student wishes to cancel a booking within 48 hours (72 for a weekend booking) of the start time, their deposit or payment will not be refunded. Any refund agreed for either lessons or vouchers will incur a £25 administrative charge.

The Kitesurf Centre’s course onlines are just a guide and it has to be accepted that everyone progresses at different rates and along with possible changing weather conditions, may have an affect on the course structure. It is down to The Kitesurf Centre’s staff to make the decision on any given day how the course is run which will always have the groups / individuals best interests taken into consideration.

Students must be aware that power kite sports are potentially dangerous and are undertaken entirely at the student’s own risk. By booking onto a course and upon arrival signing in on the appropriate form the student confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepts these Terms & Conditions.