Often overlooked as an important piece of kit but getting the correct kitesurfing and wing foiling luggage bags can make the difference between a good holiday and a travel nightmare.

At The Kitesurf Centre we stock all the top range of travel gear from brands such as Mystic, Ion, Duotone, AK and Manera

Mystic Luggage and travel gear

Board Bags

Buying the correct board bag means getting your kit the protection it deserves for being thrown in your car or on your back as you cycle down.

Travel bag

All the bags you need for flying around the work or even just taking your kit in the car and keeping it all in once place at home

Back packs

Need something smart for school or going for a picnic, this is where to look

Dry bags

Keeping your kit dry can be a must, but also keeping your car dry from your wet kit is pretty important too. The Drybags are a great option for throwing a wet wetsuit in or keeping your valuables in on a downwinder or boat trip.

Changing Mats, Kit Bag

Hop onto the changing mat at the end of the session and then pull the drawstring to keep all your kit all together and easy to carry.