We stock a wide variety of kitesurfing boards from the top manufacturers, which include Duotone, Shinn, North, F-One, RRD and Airush. No matter if you are riding twin tip, surfboard or hydrofoil kiteboard, we have tried and tested them all so we can offer impartial honest advice. Just ask….

Twin Tip boards

If you are new to the sport and looking for a beginner kiteboard you should start by riding a twin tip board. We recommend to go for a “size up” as you will progress quicker: Riding upwind, learning turns, jumps and carves.

The majority of the Twin Tip boards are Freeride/Freestyle orientated which means you can ride in any condition from flat to choppy, boosting or even waves. Kiteboards in this range have small or medium rocker which improves the ride, handling, pop and speed. The price depends on the construction materials and technology which has been used. For example carbon fibre or honeycomb core will be more expensive than a more standard wood core.
This will affect the weight of the kiteboard as well as the stiffness and flex. Meaning more control, more pop, liveliness and riding at greater speeds. Price range for twintip boards start at around £350, up to £1000 for top spec deck including fins, handle and sometimes straps and pads.


Kite surfboards or directional kitesurf boards have been designed primarily for wave riding. Being pulled by the kite through the swell to experience a feeling close to surfing, opening up a whole new perspective of the sport. If you progress from riding a twin-tip kiteboard you will discover a whole new feeling under your feet as well as challenging yourself to ride in one direction. As well as learning to change feet positions and ride toeside.

Buying your first kite surfboard can be very difficult and confusing as there are many different factors and the market is huge. At The Kitesurf Centre we can guide you step by step about what to go for! If you are spending £1000 on a surfboard, you want it to be suited to your style and needs. There are many factors to choose from like size, volume, shape, construction or style. On top of all that there are accessories to choose from such as fin setups, straps, pads, leashes etc. Talk to our experienced staff to help choose the right kite surf board for you: [email protected] or 01797 724126.

Hydrofoil Boards

Hydrofoil boards are the latest addition to kitesurfing gear. Basically a directional shaped board that you can attach a mast using a 4 insert connection or twin track system – Universal with most major brands. Boards are made using different constructions and materials including carbon fibre for light weight. Sizes vary from 100cm to 150cm. Convertible surfboard/hybrid boards with a hydrofoil connection are also available. Two boards in one, a great crossover option for surfing or hydrofoiling.