Kitesurfing Careers & Gap Years

‘FastTrack Kite & Watersports Instructor Course’

The Kitesurf Centre is running our unique 8 week course again in 2020.

2020 Dates: May 3rd

The Fastrack Instructor Course introduces complete beginners to 5 different kite and watersports and trains them to not only accomplish the sports themselves but achieve a level of ability, experience and the qualifications to go on and instruct others.

The exciting schedule concentrates on Powerkiting, Kite Landboarding, Kite Buggying, Kitesurfing and the fastest RYA Logo (JPEG)growing watersport in the world, Stand Up Paddleboarding. It also covers power and safety boating, personal nutrition and first aid applied to extreme sports instruction.

Whereas the slightly tamer, but equally important theoretical side, covers all the knowledge needed aboutbsupa the sports and instructing them as well as useful information regarding the industry, how to get a job and travelling the world; an easy task with all the qualifications!

Every centre worldwide favour instructors with recognised qualifications in multiple sports which is why this course puts you in a great position to begin a new exciting career!

Our course is now in it’s 5th generation so it’s been tweaked and improved to run as efficiently and productively as possible. The results over the years have been brilliant, with instructors teaching all over the world.

Perhaps you’re taking a gap year or a sabbatical from the 9-5 or just want to change career entirely to travel the world? This is the ideal opportunity which is not only great fun but opens many doors worldwide.

DOWNLOAD INFORMATION DOCUMENT – Includes all the details regarding the course


Why would you want to become a qualified instructor?

Rather than us telling you why you’d want to be an instructor we’ve asked a few of our instructors to make a short video expressing their own thoughts, check them out below:

Among the information our instructors have presented we have listed some points we feel are most important as a qualified multi sport instructor.

– Easy to travel to exotic places while earning well

– Follow the summer – 6 months in the northern hemisphere and 6 months in the southern.

– The BKSA and RYA qualifications are recognised worldwide

– A good career path with chances to be involved in the industry

– Lack of instructors worldwide means finding a job is relatively easy (less than 70 qualifying annually in the UK each year)

– Work outdoors 99% of the timeIMG_4969

– Well paid jobs

– Relaxed atmosphere

– Meet loads of new and interesting people daily who often become friends

– Be involved with fun and exciting teams

– Learn foreign languages

– Participate in the sports you love all the time

– Gratifying seeing your students learn and improve

– Being a multi qualified instructor means you’re doing something different every day

– Help finding and applying for work placements in the UK or abroad following the 8 week course

– It’s fun!

Qualifications achieved

The course is jam packed with learning, instructor courses and qualifications. Needless to say it’s a busy 8 week period!

Here’s what’s included…

BKSA Powerkite Level 1

BKSA Kite buggy and landboard Level 1

BKSA Kitesurf Level 1 & 2

BSUPA Stand up paddleboard (SUP) Level 1

BKSA Powerkite instructor

RYA Powerboat Level 2

RYA – First Aid – Water specific course

BKSA Kitesurf Instructor 1

BSUPA Stand up paddleboard Instructor

The abundance of qualifications achieved offers the opportunity to find work easily in the future or to specialise in a certain sport. Taking these courses alone come to a total of over £3,000

Full equipment set up is also included giving you the kit to use and practice with throughout the 8 weeks and take with you to continue once you have completed the course.

The advantage of becoming a multi sport instructor is not only the attractiveness to potential employers but also being able to teach and work no matter what the location, conditions or school. For example, if there is light or no wind at certain times of year where you’re working, kitesurfing would be difficult to teach but it may be a beautiful location for holiday makers and ideal for stand up paddleboard lessons, tours and adventures around islands or caves, in the Caribbean for example.

DOWNLOAD INFORMATION DOCUMENT – Includes all the details regarding the course


Take a look at this inspirational video from one of our instructors, who decided to change his career and path in life many years ago to follow his desire.