A little bit about us….

Back in 2007, we had a vision of creating the ultimate kite school, creating a welcoming environment and guiding any person entering the sport from zero experience to becoming an independent kitesurfer. Safety and passion were at the forefront of our ways! To date, The Kitesurf Centre has certified thousands of students around the UK and worldwide under the BKSA rider card and has even expanded to offer our own more comprehensive TKSC rider levels and Student Logbook. As a National Training Centre, we’ve helped hundreds of kitesurfers become instructors and, combined, those instructors have continued to help thousands more individuals become kitesurfers!
Since the beginning, the core principles of The Kitesurf Centre (safety, fun and progression) have stayed the same! As time goes on we continue to evolve and improve accordingly and when dropping by the centre, you’ll regularly see our team training together to improve the ways they share their knowledge with students like you.

The Kitesurf Centre is the UK’s largest kitesurf school but is still a friend and family-driven business on the beach. Between shop and school, there are just 5 of us full-time with extra seasonal staff from April to October.

Over the past 15 seasons, we’ve enjoyed transforming customers into friends and some have even become colleagues. It really is a close-knit, friendly community which has changed many people’s lives. We’ve seen a good number of customers move into the area to follow their newly found passion.

Camber Sands – Our Beautiful Beach…

Anyone who has ever visited Camber Sands will know just how lucky we are to have access to the best beach in the south of England for wind & water sports. We don’t take this for granted which is why we have worked closely with the local councils, RNLI, coastguards, other businesses & residents to make Camber Sands as safe as possible for all who visit & allow kitesurfing and water sports to be welcome. The Kitesurf Centre now also has its own dedicated instructional areas away from the visiting crowds.

camber beach

Evolving & Improving Instructional Techniques

The experience & operational setup of the centre is often utilised by the BKSA to try and help develop safety & coaching techniques across other BKSA Kite Schools in the UK & worldwide. The sport is still in it’s infancy but the centre’s evolution of teaching methods are unrecognisable from those used 15 years ago. We’re only too pleased to share this knowledge with others, if it means making the sport safer, easier & more enjoyable for those to participate.

Completely off grid….

The centre is completely off grid & aims to be as environmentally friendly as it can. The electricity is all solar powered & rain water is collected & stored. In 2020 The Kitesurf Centre plans a big extension to the shop, upgrades to both the men & woman’s changing rooms, new classrooms for advanced coaching and a larger office, but all using environmentally & eco friendly construction via up and recycling of materials.

Why choose The Kitesurf Centre?

Best wind stats in England & beaches for any wind direction

Wind stats

There’s a reason Camber Sands is the most popular beach in England for kitesurfing……It offers the most consistent wind of anywhere in the country and has over 4 miles of amazing golden sand and shallow waters as a bonus. We’re grateful to be in such a fortunate position.

As you can see from the image above, the summer months are actually our best time of year with the most reliable wind due to the thermals created by the low-lying flat marshland behind us, which draws the wind in from the sea.

Beaches for any wind direction:

Being on a peninsular, there’s the option to use other great kitesurfing beaches just 10 minutes away if the wind is coming from a different direction.