Kitesurfing Kites

Buy kitesurfing kites from the top brands, Duotone, F-One, North, Airush and RRD. We stock kitesurfing equipment for all rider levels and riding styles. Wave, freestyle, freeride, beginners and lightwind kites.

Allround Kitesurfing Kites

Allround or freeride kites are the best option when you want to cruise, perform any trick, jump or just ride a wave. They are user friendly, very predictable and versatile. Freeride kitesurfing kites are the perfect choice for beginners and the majority of kitesurfers. Most brands have fine tuned the freeride kites to be user friendly but also with high performance, which makes them a good first purchase.

They are easy to re–launch, stable in the air with a huge wind range. Popular models are the Duotone Evo, F One Bandit, North Reach or Airush Lithium. They are all built around a lightweight 3 struts design, one pump systems and they fly on the preferred 4 line system. These are the truly “One” does it all kites.

Freestyle Kitesurfing Kites

If it comes to powered unhooked rotations, handle passes or massive kite loops you may want to look at a Freestyle Kite. Freestyle kites have a narrow arc with square wide wingtips for faster turning.

Creating ‘pop’ and ‘slack’ are very important characteristics in freestyle kites to perform unhooked tricks and these are where these kites excel over a freeride kite. If your kite allows enough slack in your lines, you can spin your body around passing the bar behind your back, without the kite pulling the bar from your hands. Some freestyle kites have a 5th line added to support the leading edge as they don’t have a bridle system. M

Freestyle kites are for a very specific discipline and are quite difficult to use so we wouldn’t recommend them to a beginner or intermediate rider, but if you’re after some professional advice our passionate team can guide you into choosing the correct freestyle kite.

Wave Kitesurfing Kites

There is no better way of feeling freedom than when riding waves with a wave kite and directional surfboard. These kites are designed to drift backwards when riding towards it while on a wave, so they are very stable. They tend to be ligher and faster at turning so they’re responsive allowing quick turns on a surfboard while slashing a wave. The bar tends to have light pressure.

Wave kites are fast and agile with good range of depower so you can “park it” in the sky and concentrate on your bottom turns but are equally very forgiving so make good kites for beginners alongside freeride kites.

Light Wind Kitesurfing Kites

Lightwind kites are the perfect addition to your quiver as they fly seamlessly in almost any conditions and especially well in the really light stuff. If you’re looking for something to get you out on those days when your normal kites aren’t cutting it, then these aerodynamic wonders are where to look.

Most light wind specific kites are built around a one strut design so they are as light as possible. This helps with stability while they’re in the air and are therefore a good kite to use while learning to kitesurf and are also great for foiling. We have a selection of these in our kitesurf school.

Light wind kites are generally suitable for beginners as they are easy to handle, relaunch also in marginal conditions and remain stable in the sky, when other kites would tend to stall and be difficult to handle.

Trainer and Foil Kites

Practicing with a power kite is the best way to improve your kite flying skills and control. It will save a lot of money (you won’t need as many lessons!) and is great fun for you and your friends.

A power kite is usually an aerofoil shaped wing made from high performance fabric and supported by bridles. By steering and maneuvering the kite with control lines different amounts of power can be generated. Once a kite is inflated its aerofoil design encourages it to move forward and give lift. Supportive bridle lines keep the kite at the optimum angle to the wind to achieve the speed and power.
Generally, the bigger the kite the more power it creates.

At The Kitesurf Centre we have something to suit everyone from leading brands Peter Lynn and Crosskite.

How to choose the right sized kite