Wingsurfing & Wing Foil

Wingsurfing & Wing Foil is the latest watersports to take the world by storm and we ourselves at The Kitesurf Centre have jumped straight into this addictive past time. The attraction is that we can ride even the smallest swell on the south coast for hundreds of metres without any power from a kite, sail or motor. Wing Foiling has opened up a whole new range of conditions. See the categories below for the different wings, foils and boards.

Wingsurfing Wings

Although wingsurfing is a new sport, there are a lot of companies already involved in the watersports industry who have begun producing wings already. Some are still 1st generation and could be described a bit ropey while others are far more advanced. We at The Kitesurf Centre have tested most of the wings available now and have streamlined the products we stock to those we think are the best in their category. To name a few brands worth checking out, F One, Shinn, North, Duotone & Ozone have really excelled in wings and put a lot into the research and development. Please feel free to ask us for our honest opinions

Similar to kites, wingsurfing wings come in different aspect ratios which affects their performance. A low aspect wing looks quite short and fat whereas a high aspect is longer and thinner. Although a lot of the wings are very similar, there is a difference between them that you notice on the water.
A low aspect wing is more stable with a thicker leading edge and deeper profile which creates low down grunty power. However it’s not as efficient so has a lower top speed and struggles to get upwind as easily.

Wingsurfing Boards

Wingsurfing Boards come in several different forms and although they’re out the water while in use, they have a significant affect on how the foil below the water performs.
Wing foil boards can be hard boards, inflatable or a crossover from SUP, windsurfing or surfing.
From our experience, none of the crossover boards work nearly so well as those which are wing foil specific, however it can save a lot of £££ by not needing a more than 1 board. If you’re mainly wingsurfing, then we’d advise getting a board designed for it.
The inflatable wingsurfing boards are fantastic for learning and the first year or 2. They’re light, forgiving and inexpensive compared to a hardboard.
However, nothing compares to a wing specific board. We recommend purchasing something around 20 litres more than your body weight in kg. You’ll be surprised how fast you improve and soon want something smaller.

Wingsurfing Foils

Wingsurfing Foils or Wing Foils a relatively new product but the technology and know how has been brought across from kitesurfing & windsurfing.
The wing foils and planes are much like the wings where they come in different aspect ratios and profiles which affect how they ride through the water. As with the wings, a short, fat and deep foil is slower, stable and easier to use but won’t get upwind or be as efficient in the hands of a better tide. A higher aspect wing is less stable, faster and cuts upwind more easily.

We always suggest starting on something that is easy to use, such as the F One Gravity and in a size which will make progression easy. The equipment is expensive to replace, however if you make the sport too difficult with the wrong equipment, then you’ll never progress enough to upgrade your gear anyway.

Wingsurfing equipment can be a bit of a minefield so please do contact us with any questions or advice you may be looking for, we’re more than happy to help.