Kitesurfing Coaching Days

  • Is your progression becoming stagnant?
  • Are you coming back from a session having just cruised up and down without trying anything?
  • Do you want that extra ‘push’ to help you learn a new trick?
  • Head out on a coaching session for just £49!

Intermediate Coaching Days

Aimed at kitesurfers that are riding along confidently and now want to try some more advanced techniques and tricks, including:

  • Advanced equipment tuning
  • Upwind and lightwind riding techniques
  • Turning and carve turns
  • Toeside riding
  • Pop
  • First jumps
  • Transitions
  • First rotations

Advanced Coaching Days

These higher level sessions are taught by The Kitesurf Centre’s most experienced instructors, who are BKSA UK National Coaches and International Team Riders. Participants will must already be able to perform turns and basic jumps. Learn tricks including:

  • Advanced kite tuning
  • Pop, unhooked riding
  • Back / front rolls
  • Riding and landing blind / wrapped
  • Handle passes
  • Big air
  • Kiteloops
  • Jump transitions
  • Mobes and powered passes

Surfboard Coaching

As well as freestyle we can also offer strapless surfboard lessons if you are looking to ride the waves:

  • Boardstarts without straps
  • Toeside riding and carving
  • Heelside and toeside carve turns
  • Changing feet position
  • Jibes and tacks

Equipment is not included in the cost of coaching sessions, but is available to hire for £25 per hour or £70 for the day.