Kitesurfing Coaching Days

Duration – 3/4 hours tuition time


Is your progression becoming stagnant? You may have found that upon returning from a session you have just cruised up and down without trying out anything new? With an experienced coach by your side to push you and impart their knowledge to aid your progression you will improve quicker than you ever imagined!

Kitesurfing coaching - kiteloops



Intermediate and advanced – As well as beginner courses we also offer more advanced coaching sessions.





Intermediate classes – Aimed towards kitesurfers that are riding along confidently and now want to master some more advanced techniques and tricks, some examples of what we will cover are:

  • Advanced equipment tuning
  • Upwind and lightwind riding techniques
  • Turning and carve turns
  • Toeside riding
  • Pop
  • First jumps
  • Transitions
  • First rotations

Advanced classes – These higher level sessions are run just a few times a year and taken by our most experienced instructors, who are only a select handful of BKSA UK National coaches and are also international team riders.

The riding standard of the session will be higher than the intermediate course with participants already able to perform turns and basic jumps. An example of what is usually covered in this day are:

  • Advanced kite tuning
  • Pop, unhooked riding
  • Back/front rolls
  • Riding and landing blind/wrapped
  • Handle passes
  • Big air
  • Kiteloops
  • Jump transitions
  • Possibly even more advanced moves such as mobes and other powered passes.

Kitesurfing Coaching


We can film your techniques throughout the session for video analysis to look at both during and at the end of the lesson.

Both levels of coaching days will be tailored around the desires of the riders participating to allow maximum progression.




surfboard wave carve

Surfboard coaching – As well as freestyle we can also offer strapless surf board lessons if you are looking into ride the waves.

– Board starts with out straps

– Toeside riding and carving

– Heelside and toeside carve turns – make some spray!

– Changing feet position

– Jibes and tacks


Equipment is not included in the coaching lessons but it is available to hire for £25 per hour or £70 for the day.




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