Quick Facts

  • Location: Egypt, Hurghada
  • Trip dates: 10th – 17th September
  • Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Cost: From £1115 per person (see room options for dedicated price plan)

Early bird discounts – save an extra 5+% by booking your space on this Egypt kitesurfing holiday before June 30th

Egypt Kitesurfing Holiday

Why Come on the Egypt Kitesurfing Holiday with us?

Egypt is globally recognized as a prime location for kitesurfing due to its reliable winds and consistently pleasant weather year-round. It stands out as a top choice for kitesurfing enthusiasts worldwide. Hurghada, in particular, is renowned as one of Egypt’s premier kitesurfing spots, catering to both beginners and experienced riders for an unforgettable experience. With its affordable and convenient travel options, Hurghada offers great value as a kitesurfing holiday destination, just a short 4-5 hour flight away from numerous UK airports.

The Red Sea region stands out as one of Egypt’s most picturesque beach destinations, boasting miles of sandy coastlines and warm, crystal-clear waters that have earned it a reputation as one of the world’s premier water sports spots. With year-round sunshine, consistent winds, gentle winters, and spectacular summers, the Red Sea is a paradise for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Nestled in one of the prime kitesurfing locations in Hurghada, our Villa is conveniently just a 15-minute drive north of Hurghada International Airport. Positioned a mere 3 minutes from the beach, we have partnered with local storage providers right at the beachfront, ensuring your equipment is always within a stone’s throw from the sea. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned rider, the shallow and calm water lagoon offers ideal conditions for kitesurfing. The crystal-clear waters, extensive sandy beach, and consistent winds create an optimal setting for kitesurfing practice and improvement. Envision the progress you can achieve in a 2-square-kilometer area of shallow water with a pristine bottom, along with cross or cross-onshore winds blowing 270 days a year. We can’t wait and hope you’re just as excited to join us!

While our highest focus is providing quality tuition, fun and progression; we’ll also be turning up the holiday vibes with full-board hospitality in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. With breakfast, lunch, and dinner all included, most expenses are covered in the holiday package. You can enjoy a wide selection of fresh and nutritious meals daily, along with unlimited water, coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

Who is this Kitesurf Holiday for?

We’re opening this trip for all abilities; whether you’re at the start of your learning journey working on kite control and have yet to master board starts, or whether you’re progressing into advanced tricks and want coaching to boost you to the next level.

This Egypt Kitesurfing Holiday and coaching trip is suitable for students with a variety of different goals, whether it’s enhancing upwind riding, mastering toe-side riding, perfecting jumps, grabs, back-rolls, front-rolls, aerial transitions, dark slides, and more. Whatever your aim, Adham and Jen will elevate your skills to new heights!

Egypt Kitesurfing Holiday
Egypt Kitesurfing Holiday
Egypt Kitesurfing Holiday

What’s Included in the Egypt Kitesurfing Holiday?

  • 7 Nights Stay
  • 5 days bundle of lessons – 3-hour group coaching session per day
  • 1 day for extra kitesurfing (lessons/hire) or excursions
  • On the beach tutorials/feedback sessions
  • Equipment storage at the kite station
  • Beach services – Launching, landing and boat rescue.
  • Accommodation located just a 3minutes walk from the kite spot
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner (Full board)
  • Drinking water, soft drinks, tea and coffee at the villa
  • Airport transfers to and from Hurghada airport (At the allocated transfer time)
  • Free access to all photos & videos captured throughout the week

Photos & Videos Included For Free:

By the end of the week, you will receive complimentary access to our collection of photos and videos taken during the week.

What’s Not Included:

  • Flights 
  • Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks at the kite station
  • Airport transfers within the U.K
  • Airport transfers in Egypt outside the provided transfer option.
  • Kitesurfing equipment for intermediate-advanced riders (equipment storage included in your package)

    Optional Extras (Not included, but we’ll happily arrange it for you where we can):
  • Massage treatments can be arranged on site and will be quoted per treatment type
  • Where available, additional private 1:1 tuition is available upon request. This will be charged at the standard private kite tuition rate (£75 Per Hour)
  • Excursions can be arranged on-site. These must not conflict with the coaching schedule offered to you.
  • Kitesurfing equipment rental (£30 per hour – availability limited by lesson requirements)

Although known as the birthplace of kiteboarding in Egypt, this destination offers a wide range of tourist activities, including wakeboarding. Moreover, the Red Sea presents excellent diving opportunities. If you’re looking for a change from water sports, there are many land excursions available for you to explore.

Kitesurf Coaching Included and Tailored to You

After booking, you will receive a goal sheet to fill out. Your coaches, Adham and Jen, will then tailor a personalized plan to enhance your kitesurfing skills, considering your current level and your desired outcomes for the week.

In the beginner group, we will organize you into pairs to establish a buddy system. Each pair will consist of riders with comparable skills. You will receive specific goals to focus on, and your Instructor will divide their time between the pairs to provide personalized coaching. The group coaching sessions will run for 3 hours daily, alongside additional land-based lessons scheduled based on wind conditions.

In the intermediate to advanced group, you will work together to review coaching points that align with your specified goals. While on the water, you will practice independently and take turns approaching the coach for feedback, technique refinements, and demonstrations. Progress will be captured through video recordings of your sessions, which will be used for analysis in addition to on-beach instruction.

Each group has 5 sessions allocated to them meaning that, over a 6-day active period we’ll have flexibility with the weather and time to spare for more riding at the end of the week.

Meet Your Coaches


Adham embarked on his journey 18 years back by joining Mark Warner’s team as an assistant instructor. Through dedication and hard work, he progressed to become the head windsurf instructor, teaching various abilities and styles daily. While working in windy Egypt, he discovered a passion for kite surfing and trained to become an instructor in the sport, a passion he continues to pursue.

During his time in Egypt, Adham managed multiple water sports centres, offering activities like sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and kite surfing. One of his favourite spots was in Soma Bay, where he played a role in introducing Point Break to the kite surfing community and organized notable events like the Kite Surf World Cup in 2014.

Adham held the role of Head Instructor at The Kitesurf Centre for many years and recently founded Orbitkitesurf.com directing his wealth of experience offering kitesurfing services in the UK and Egpyt towards building quality kitesurf travel experiences. 


Jen took the role of School Director in 2021 after working with The Kitesurf Centre for many years prior and having taught kitesurfing since 2011! She shows nothing but relentless passion for both the school & the industry and uses this energy to help us all create hundreds of new kitesurfers every single season.

In addition to over a decade worth of experience running kite schools, Jen has also made a wide variety of past contributions to the kitesurfing industry including co-founding thekitespot.com and writing the Twintip Kiteboards review feature for 3 generations of The Kite Mag Ultimate Test.

When Jen isn’t coaching, you’ll generally find Jen running The Kitesurf Centre, fuelled by coffee until there are 30+ knots of wind and waves coming in; that’s when you’ll find her in her element, with her surfboard and a big smile.

What to Bring with You

*Kitesurfing Equipment

  • Intermediate to advanced riders are required to bring their own kitesurfing equipment and board bag. If you need any kitesurfing gear (board bags, kites, harnesses, etc), feel free to contact us as we can help you find the right items in the shop.
  • For beginner riders, we supply the required equipment within the beginner lesson structure.
  • Recommended kite sizes 12m, 9m, 7m
  • If you have additional kite sizes, please bring them along or check the forecast the day before our trip. 
  • You can rent kitesurf equipment from The Kitesurf Centre; drop us an email for rental details. Availability limited.

Travel Information

Return flights from London Gatwick to Hurghada International Airport cost about £300 – £500 with EasyJet (depending on the luggage size and sports equipment options you choose).

Once your trip deposit has been received we’ll send through our flight details and the meeting time for the included transfer so you can match them when booking your flight.

You are responsible for booking your own flights; these are not included in the holiday package. Please also ensure that you have the following in order before travelling;

  • Correct tourist visa (check with the embassy or consulate of your home country to meet the requirements necessary to enter Egypt)
  • A valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry to Egypt


The prices are based on the following accommodation options;

  • Private room (single occupant)
  • Twin room (room shared between two people with two beds). Single bookers choosing this option will be paired with another guest.
  • Double room (room shared between two people occupying the same bed)

Each room includes en suite with toilet, shower and basin, plus housekeeping services.

Our Villa is located a few minutes walk from the beach and we’ve utilised storage services with local providers on a beach front location so your equipment is always only a few meters from the sea.

Remember, this is a kitesurfing holiday, so you won’t be in the room much. You’ll be mainly on the water! Additionally, there are numerous relaxing spots, such as around the pool or at the beach bar where you can unwind or focus on work if needed.


All meals are covered (Full board), including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, meaning most expenses are included in the price. You can enjoy a wide variety of fresh and nutritious food every day. The options are plentiful!

Water, tea, coffee, and soft drinks are part of the full board package at the villa. However, alcoholic beverages are not covered and can be bought separately.

Prices (& Earlybird offer!)

RoomSingle roomTwin roomDouble room
1 guest, 1 bundle of lessons£1254
Earlybird price £1189
Earlybird price £1060
2 guests, 2 lesson bundles£2221
Earlybird price £2120
Earlybird price £2120
2 guests, 1 bundle of lessons**£1627
Earlybird price £1525
Egypt – September 2024 Holiday Prices (Earlybird prices available for bookings made before June 15th)

The prices are based on the following accommodation options;

  • Private room (single occupant).
  • Twin room (room shared between two people with two beds). Single bookers choosing this option will be paired with another guest. Pairings done by The Kitesurf Centre factoring gender. Using this option will save you 11% compared to single room occupancy.
  • Double room (room shared between two people occupying the same bed)
  • Lesson bundles cannot be shared between guests. Each guest must have their own lesson bundle.
  • **2 guests, 1 lesson bundle available only for kiters travelling with a partner who doesn’t want to participate in lessons.

How To Reserve Your Space on the Egypt Kitesurfing Holiday

To reserve your space on this trip, email [email protected] with this booking form to confirm you’d like to join our September 2024 trip. There are a limited number of spaces available and these are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

We will send you an invoice and a 50% deposit will be required to confirm your reservation. For any booking made after August 9th a full payment is required to confirm your booking.

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Egypt Kitesurf Holiday September 2024 Terms and Conditions