Riding independently is the goal of all kitesurfers, but it’s not always easy to know whether or not you’re ready to go out alone. At The Kitesurf Centre, we’ve created a list of requirements necessary for people to meet should they wish to hire equipment from us. As a general rule, if you do meet these requirements it is not a good idea for you to kite alone.

We’re happy to discuss any of the points below with riders and give specialised private tuition lessons focused on helping you to become an independent rider.

As a minimum, in order to hire equipment from us, you must:

  • Be able to ride in wind gusting up to 30kts
  • Be able to perform a self rescue (deep water packdown) in up to 30kt wind
  • Be comfortable using and resetting any brand of safety system
  • Know the designated kitesurf zones of Camber Sands
  • Be aware of the safe launching and landing areas of the beach
  • Be able to correctly read a wind and tide forecast
  • Be able to make judgements on incoming and variable weather from cloud formations
  • Be confident landing a kite alone if necessary (in difficult conditions)
  • Know the rules of the road and abide by them
  • Be able to swim confidently in open water for prolonged periods
  • Have BKSA or equivalent membership which includes 3rd party liability insurance
  • Have gone through a thorough pre-hire introduction with a member of management of The Kitesurf Centre

If a member of staff at The Kitesurf Centre does not feel that you meet the minimum requirements, or that the conditions exceed your ability on the day, we reserve the right to refuse hire.

We will not hire equipment in wind consistently over 30kts.