Located to the east of Margate on the East coast of Kent, the beach at Joss Bay is popular with both surfers and kitesurfers. Facing towards the north east this beach is used for kiting in wind directions from the north through to the south east.



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Access and Launching

Access to the beach is easy, with parking available near the surf school on the southern end of the beach. There are no problems launching here as the beach is large and sandy, however be aware of the tourists as the beach gets very busy in the summer.

Spot Information

The beach is large sandy beach with a rocky reef at the northern end of the beach which becomes exposed in low tides. Joss Bay can be used at all states of the tide however, for beginners it is best at mid to low tide when there are large shallow areas so they can stand in the water. This spot works with winds from the north through to the south east via the east. It should be noted that the prevailing south westerly wind the south coast receives is offshore at this location.