The day before your course starts, you will receive a text message and email to confirm whether it is possible for the course to go ahead, and if there have been any start time changes. If there have been no changes and the course is running, you will receive a text message and email. If it is not possible to run the course or there has been a significant time change, you will be contacted by phone to discuss this.

If you would like to check further ahead of time, in most cases there is an accurate forecast up to 48 hours in advance. Please note that this is simply a forecast and can change at short notice. You can view the forecast, along with a tide timetable and live wind feed here.

If your course does not go ahead or is cut short due to weather conditions, you will receive credit in your booking account equal to either the amount you’ve paid (for a cancelled day), or an amount agreed on the day by yourself, the instructor and the centre management for a partial refund.

During busy summer months, we advise travelling this way to avoid the worst of the traffic. Please note that if you are late, you may miss part of the lesson. 

Approach via Lydd