Join us on the water and be more active for 2019! Our new SUP Club is a great opportunity to be outdoors more, get your feet wet, and save money while you’re at it.

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) is a fun and easy to learn sport which is accessible to all ages. It’s a fantastic way to explore our coast and surrounding rivers and whether you’re a new or seasoned paddler you can develop your skills across a variety of SUP disciplines.

The SUP Club has been created as the ideal route into sampling the many ways you can enjoy Stand Up Paddleboarding and we’ve created a SUP Club membership with many benefits, including discounted lessons, new equipment and rentals; all for you to enjoy as you continue your SUP experience.

The SUP Club membership costs £225 and expires 1 year after the purchase date.

Membership Benefits:

  • 6 x  SUP Club Passes to join any SUP lesson or 2hr SUP River Tour (Save £69!)
  • Discounted mid-week SUP rentals. You’ll pay £10 instead of £15 per hour
  • 10% off on any new SUP equipment purchases
  • Priority notification on used SUP sales from our fleet

Choose Your Sessions:

Choose any combination of the following 2 hour sessions:

  • Intro to SUP
  • SUP River Tours
  • SUP Racing
  • SUP Surfing
  • SUP Fitness
  • SUP ‘n’ Stretch

All of our session are taught by British Stand Up Paddleboard (BSUPA) accredited instructors who are very passionate about the sport.

Intro to SUP

If you’re new to Stand Up Paddleboarding, this is the perfect introduction to the sport. In this session, your instructor will cover:

  • Brief theory and safety covering the sea / river, weather and local sites
  • SUP equipment
  • Stance and Balance
  • Paddle and board stability
  • Paddling styles
  • Paddle strokes & techniques
  • Board control & steering

SUP River Tours

Trips around the lovely rivers of the East Sussex countryside. Paddle serenely through the town of Rye and nearby villages, a fantastic way to see the abundant wildlife in this area of the UK.

You can also take excursions along one of the many beautiful rivers around the Rye area. The day will consist of around 2 hours paddling with a lunch break  followed by another 2 hours on the stand up paddle boards. The journey visits local sites of interest such as castles, harbours & docks. This 5 hour tour can be redeemed using 2 SUP Club passes.

SUP Wave Surfing

The huge benefit of stand up paddle surfing over regular surfing is the ability to catch smaller and more gentle waves, the boards are very stable making it is easier to progress. Additionally, as you start in a standing position, there is no ‘popping up’ onto the SUP, while the paddle can be used for extra stability and drive on the wave.

Camber offers some amazing conditions for learning to stand up paddle surf with both small and big waves. In your lesson you will learn to read the waves and how to catch them with more advanced paddle board techniques, different stances and weight distribution to ride the surf.

SUP Racing

Learn how to increase your speed with our very own professional racing competitor. On this session your instructor will help you improve your paddle stroke technique and efficiency to help you zoom across the water. A fun session with some friendly competition, perfect for those looking to get things going with a little more pace!

SUP Fitness

Improve your fitness while having fun on the water. Our instructors will put you through your paces with bodyweight exercises, balances, and SUP sprints.

If you’re looking to add more intense exercise to your SUP experiences, this is the lesson for you. Exercises you may find easy normally have an extra level of difficulty added by needing to balance on the board.

SUP ‘n’ Stretch

In this fun session our instructors will get you warmed up with some paddling, then it’s time to strike a pose! SUP ‘n’ Stretch is a entertaining and challenging way to work on your mobility and a fantastic twist on some of the class yoga moves you’ve seen.

To purchase a SUP Club Membership, please get in touch by live chat, phone or email.