Pegwell Bay Beach and Kitesurfing Guide

Located on the east coast of Kent, Pegwell Bay faces to the south-east the bay and catches south-westerlies perfectly, with a large open bay it is a great place to kite over huge sand flats. This beach is ideally suited to intermediate and advanced riders due to gusty conditions.



Access and Launching

Easily accessible beach from Ramsgate, just 5 minutes walk from Sandwich Road. Parking is available in a large car park opposite the ‘Viking Ship Cafe’ which is only a short walk to the beach.

The top of the beach has a small patch of sand to launch from at high tide, however beware of the rocks and debris especially if self-launching. As the tide drops the walk to the beach can get slippery over the mud, wet rocks and grass. When the tide is out, extensive sand banks show, making for easy launching.

Spot Information

This spot works well at all tides however be aware of gusty conditions often experienced here. Due to the hilly terrain around the beach, the wind can be 5-8 knots stronger when you leave the beach and get out into the bay. South, south west and south east are the best wind directions for this spot.