Kite and Board Repairs at Camber Sands, South East England near London

Even the most durable equipment on the market can be damaged whether its kites or boards. We have lots of spares stocked in our shop for most brands but often a professional repair is needed.

Our kite repair service offers the highest quality and great attention to detail with a fast turnaround, all at a great price.

Due to our location at Camber Sands we can offer the unique service of repairing your broken kite while you take out a kite from our hire fleet so as not to ruin your day. This is dependent on the level of the repair as larger repairs will take more time to complete.

The kite repairs are very precise and accurate so that there is no affect to the kites flying characteristics. The type and colour of the material is matched to what the kite was made from originally. We pride ourselves in making the repairs very strong and hardly noticeable.

We aim to get you back out and enjoying your kite with minimal expense, so will match any genuine quote & probably beat it.

Please contact us for quotes; if emailing please include a photo of the damage for a more accurate price.

We also offer kiteboard and bladder repairs to the same standard of workmanship

Our Previous work:

Liquid Force Hifi Comp Canopy repair

Liquid Force kite repair

The unfortunate owner of this kite had someone ride straight through it whilst the kite was down during a competition – in one side and out of the other creating the two huge holes. As you can see, even with damage of this size the repair is still hardly noticeable and the kite flys perfectly, just as it did originally. Nothing is beyond repair.

Best Waroo Canopy repair

Best  kite repair

Fully colour matched repair, the graphics re-done as well.

Cabrinha Crossbow Canopy Repair

cabrinha crossbow kite repair

Two large tears fully repaired with colour matching materials as well the graphics re-done