Located in East Sussex 18 miles west of Camber, the beach at Hastings faces directly south, catching the predominant south-westerlies perfectly. This beach is ideally suited to more intermediate to advanced riders.












Access and Launching

The spot is highly accessible, being right on the seafront and the A259. It’s location makes it extremely easy for parking, with loads of different options available. When launching be aware of the groynes and sea wall.

Spot Information

The beach is almost completely shingle throughout all stages of the tide, except for really low tides. The steep gradient of the beach makes it great for experienced kite surfers but not good for learning as the water depth drops off suddenly, making it hard to stand up. If learning, the closest ideal beach is 20 minutes away at Camber Sands with a long shallow beach. Hastings is good at medium and low tides and when the winds are from anywhere between the south west, south and south east. At high tide the exposed beach may be too small to launch a kite from. It is best to wait an hour or two from the tide to drop and the shore-pound to subside.