How to Book

‘How to book private tuition’ video coming soon!

Step by Step
1) Go to this page of our website
2) Select the length of lesson you’d like and whether you’d like a weekday or weekend lesson
3) Select the number of participants
4) Select the number of lessons (if you would like to do the 6 for 5 bundle, you will need to select 6 lessons)
5) If you have a voucher, click on the link to the right of the price to enter the code (if your voucher is personal voucher which starts VOUCHER- you will need to be logged in to use it)
6) Select the date you would like to book on the calendar:
– If the date is red, there are no lessons of that type running that day
– The times available for the lesson show up below the calendar. These times are based on high tide and sunrise/sunset.
– If the time is greyed out and says ‘Unavailable’ next to it, we are fully booked at that time.
7) Once you have selected the date and time you would like to book, enter your details in the rest of the form. If you are booking as a surprise, you will need to put your own contact details in rather than theirs, as we email and text you to confirm the booking.
8) Read the Terms & Conditions & Covid-19 Management Policy and check the boxes to say you are happy with them. If you have any questions about either, you can get in touch with us at 07563 763 046 or [email protected]
9) Check out and make payment. Until you have made a payment, the booking is not confirmed and will not be scheduled, so the slot may be booked by someone else.
10) You will then receive an email with log in details and a confirmation of the booking. In this email will be a link and a code to sign your waiver. You need to sign this waiver before attending. If you have any questions about the waiver, please get in touch with us at 07563 763 046 or [email protected].


  • How much is private tuition?
    Private tuition prices are based on how many people are on the lesson. We teach private tuition for up to 3 students (students must be of the same level):
    1 Student: £55/h weekdays, £65/h weekends
    2 Students: £70/h weekdays, £80/h weekends
    3 Students: £90/h weekdays, £105 weekends
  • How long is the lesson?
    You can book private tuition lessons for 2 – 4 hours. We normally recommend 2 hours for 1 student, 3 hours for 2 students and 4 hours for 3 students. However, if it is your first lesson, we recommend adding another hour to enable us to cover theory and safety.
  • When do the lessons run?
    We teach private lessons all year round. From December – February there is a maximum lesson length of 2 hours. The times the lessons run vary each day due to high tides. You can check out the dates and times we have available online here.
  • What can I learn on the lessons?
    A major benefit of private tuition is that you can learn whatever you like. Whether it’s the first time you’re learning how to fly a kite or you’re wanting to nail your first toe-side backflip, perfect your wave riding technique or add a few metres to your jumps, our instructors can teach you whatever you’d like to learn, for all of the sports we teach (kitesurfing, landboarding, stand up paddleboarding etc).
  • Can I book more than one lesson?
    Sure – You can book as many private tuition lessons as you like, and what’s better, if you book 6 you’ll only pay for 5! You can book lessons over a number of days to really speed up your progression.