The quickest route to becoming a BKSA Level 1 kite sports instructor

Following on from the success of our annual 8 Week Fast Track Kite & SUP Instructor Course, and the subsequent enquiries for additional ‘zero to hero’ style kitesurfing instructor courses to be provided all year round, we have created the Kite Sports Instructor – Career Accelerator Course.

The exciting course itinerary concentrates on Powerkiting, Kite Landboarding, Kite Buggying and Kitesurfing. This course is designed so that the individual can schedule their learning to suit their own routine, making it ideal for anyone with other commitments such as work or family that could prevent them from committing to the full-time 8 week consecutive course we also offer.

The Kite Sports Instructor Career Accelerator course introduces complete beginners to 4 different kite sport disciplines and provides training for them to not only accomplish the sports themselves, but achieve a level of ability, experience, expertise and the qualifications to go on and instruct others.

Accelerator course schedule

The Kite Sports Instructor Career Accelerator course focuses on improving personal riding, understanding of each kite sport and the theory behind them for the first 2 stages before turning full attention to instructing techniques, coaching, and assessments for the final stage. Personal participation in each discipline continues throughout to improve development and for a break from the classroom. A typical day will cover a practical and theory session which may be in the classroom or mixed with a practical session on the beach.

The advantage of the Kite Sports Instructor Career Accelerator course is the flexibility it provides. As the student, you are able to set the frequency of lessons to suit your own schedule, making it easy to fit the course around your own life commitments. All tuition is provided Monday to Friday.

The course is broken down into 3 stages. The final stage of the course is supplied in partnership with a BKSA examiner. You will be able to join onto one of the BKSA Level 1 instructor courses throughout the year. These are typically run in April, June and October.

Stage 1: Introduction to kite sports

Your course starts with an intensive 3 day introduction to kite sports which will cover all of the fundamentals required to power kite and kitesurf. The 3 day introduction course is conducted in a 4:1 group format.

kitesurfing instructor and students

Stage 2: Skill progression

Once you have completed the fundamental 3 day course, you will then proceed into private tuition which is tailored to your individual rate of progression. 12 x 2hr private sessions will be scheduled at a time to suit you. These sessions will progress your skills to complete your BKSA power kite, kite buggy and kite landboard level 1 proficiency qualifications as well as your BKSA kitesurfing level 1 and 2 qualifications.

Throughout this time, you will be required to do an additional 10 hours of lesson shadowing as a pre-requisite to stage 3 of the course. As the opportunity is there, we advise exceeding the minimum requirement of shadowing hours and gaining lots of experience to prepare you for your new career.

If you do not already possess an RYA Powerboat level 2 and First Aid qualification, you will need to complete these with an external provider before moving on to stage 3.

Stage 3: Ready to instruct

The final 5 days of your course are run consecutively with an external BKSA examiner and instructor moderator. Over the 5 days you will learn instructing techniques, BKSA standardised course structures, demonstrate your kiting proficiency, and undergo assessment through the presentation of a theoretical topic, coaching of a skill, and finish with an exam and debrief.

At the end of your course, the BKSA examiner will provide a course completion certificate with a plan of action to be completed. This typically includes a prescribed number of shadow hours within a BKSA school to practice your new teaching skillset and any skillsets the examiner did not witness as satisfactory throughout the course.

Your plan of action can be signed off when witnessed by any BKSA Senior instructor within a BKSA school. Once signed off, you will submit the course completion certificate and logbook and will be accredited with a BKSA Level 1 kite sports instructor certificate.

kite sports instructor course

More information & Booking

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