Kitesurfing Lessons Kent

We conduct our kite surfing lessons in Kent at Camber Sands and Greatstone.

We have chosen these beaches in Kent for our kitesurfing school  due to the world class conditions they offer for kitesurfing lessons, but also the ease of access from places such as London and Brighton.

Both Camber Sands and Greatstone are hugely popular among kitesurfers, windsurfers and watersports enthusiasts and people often travel long distances to use their fantastic conditions.


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Kitesurfing School Kent

Our kitesurfing school is based right on the beach at Camber Sands. We are within an ‘SPA’ (special protected area) on the Kent border, these are strictly protected sites for vulnerable wildlife and we often see dolphins and seals while out teaching! Our attractive beach is not only rated ‘blue flag’ because of the cleanliness but was also recently voted one of the top 10 most beautiful sites in the UK by the website ‘multimap’.

Our Kent beaches offer beautiful scenery but it’s the ideal kitesurfing conditions what we’re after. The wind stats are unrivaled by any stretch of coast in England and most of Europe.

So, even if you are not interested in kitesurf lessons, you may wish to visit the region anyway, or come with your partner or family member if they are booked onto any of our kiteboarding courses

Learn to Kitesurf in Kent

Learning to Kitesurf is actually a lot easier than it appears. With an enthusiastic and experienced instructor, good learning conditions and up to date safe kitesurfing equipment, the learning process can be . We at The Kitesurf Centre in Kent offer all of these and pride ourselves with amongst the most experienced and best instructors in the UK, all of which are BKSA Senior instructors or BKSA National trainers.

Having a professional instructor by your side really makes or breaks the kitesurfing lessons.

It’s easy to learn kitesurfing, anyone can do it!

Many of you potential kitesurfers are probably thinking, am I too unfit? Too inflexible? Too Old? Overweight? Can I swim far enough? Well the answer is probably the complete opposite of your thoughts!

We often have students in their 60’s and our oldest so is 78! Learning kitesurfing is less strenuous or tiring than other similar sports, so you dont need  much physical fitness or flexibility. During the kitesurfing lessons, we very rarely go beyond chest deep water and every student is supplied with all the safety equipment needed including a buoyancy aid, helmet and a warm, thick wetsuit; all of which we have in many sizes from XXS to XXXL.