1 Day Kitesurfing Lesson

Duration: 6 hours
Cost: £99 (Weekday), £119 (Weekend)
Level: Beginner
Minimum Age: 16, or self made groups 13+ (under 16 see private tuition)
Season: March – November
What to Bring: Warm, comfortable clothing and shoes you don’t mind getting sandy. Swimwear, a towel, drinks and snacks. In summer we recommend suncream and sunglasses.

Kitesurfing is one of the newest and most exciting watersports. Combining controlling the kite as it flies through the air with steering the board as it skims across the water, it’s a sport possible entirely because of the elements. Initially covering basic theory, site assessments and safety before going onto powerkite flying and inflatable kite flying, the 1 Day course is a great introduction to the world of kitesports.

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1 Day Course Outline

  • Introduction, theory and site assessments
  • The fundamentals of kitesurfing – wind and sea conditions
  • Power kite flying
  • Static flying exercises
  • Kitesurfing kite setup
  • Safe launching & landing procedures & pre-flight checks
  • Kitesurfing kite flying with harnesses
  • Controlled bodydragging*
  • Emergency pack down / self rescue techniques
  • Debrief and handouts

Part 1 – Theory, Safety and Powerkite Flying

Kitesurfing, whilst a lot of fun, is still an extreme sport, so it must be learnt and taught properly. The lesson begins with a brief run through of the the fundamentals of kitesurfing safety and theory so you fully understand the sport and have a safe and enjoyable lesson.

Once you’ve covered the safety and theory, you’ll head to the beach to do a site assessment and set up the powerkites. After this, it’s time to fly them!

You’ll put your theoretical knowledge of kite flying to the test as you learn to steer and loop the kite through the air. These static flying exercises give you experience in the most important part of kitesurfing – kite control. 80% of being a good kitesurfer is mastering kite control, so this is a really important part.

Part 2 – LEI Kite Setup & Flying

After a short break, you’ll collect your LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable) kitesurfing kites, change into wetsuits and head back down to the beach.

You’ll learn all about how to set up, launch and land the kitesurfing kites in the safest way possible depending on the beach on you’re on, and what things you need to look out for. You’ll also learn to use the three safety steps. All of this is done through demonstration and practise, give you the change to actively see and feel how it all works.

Part 3 – Controlled Bodydragging

Now you’ve covered the safety, theory and setup, it’s time to head out into the water! Kitted up in wetsuits, harnesses, buoyancy aids and helmets (all included in the lesson price), you’ll put your kite skills to the test as you learn to bodydrag through the water.

Don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it sounds! Steering and diving the kite in a controlled way through the air allows you to glide through the water in any direction. Going through this really helps you to understand the way your kite works, reacts and how it feels.

Part 4 – Self Rescue and Pack Downs

At the end of the lesson the instructor will demonstrate am “emergency packdown” and go through how you can self-rescue in difficult situations, as well as running through example scenarios of ways to get back to land safely.

As it’s a vital part of being a safe and independent kitesurfer, each student will get the chance to go through the self-rescue procedure themselves.

Part 5 – Lesson Debrief

At the end of the lesson, you’ll head back to The Kitesurf Centre’s main building for an end of session debrief, where you’ll receive your BKSA kiteboarder card and your log book. The instructor will mark off on your card and log book which levels you’ve achieved. If you’re back the next day, the instructor will let you know the plan for the next day and give you some exercises to practise before you come back. The instructor will also send you a message in your booking account with anything you need to cover, post session recaps and any recommendations they’ve given. This is super useful in the future if you decide to come back another day!

New for 2021 when booking you can add an order of Kitemate – A pocket instructor, to your order. It’s the brand-new guide that every kiter should own.

This concise, well-illustrated pocket-sized guide is perfect to accompany learning to kite as it serves as a friendly reminder of the information covered on your lessons, all of which you need to demonstrate to your instructor to aim for independence and heading out on your own.

Printed on waterproof paper and fitted with a metal binder ring it’s easy to attach to your kite bag to always have on hand to keep your knowledge fresh.

Feel safe knowing you have the ultimate kitesurfing reference ready at hand, just select the option to add one to your booking using the ‘book now’ button below and we will hand it to you on the day!

*Please note that the activities listed above are aims for the course and that the outline of the day may be adapted by the instructor in line with conditions on the day and the ability of all students in the group. All decisions made by the instructor are done so with the safety of the group and optimum progression as the main priority.  

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