You can now purchase a lesson voucher for any monetary amount directly through our school booking system. You can read about all of the sessions we offer following the links below or by visiting our course summary page.

We give you a summary below to help you make an informed decision on what would be best for your loved one but should they decide they want to use it against a different type of lesson they are able to use the value against any lesson we offer.

Once you’ve chosen the value, you will receive an emailed voucher within minutes of checking out. The voucher is live and ready to use as soon as you receive it, and can be used to pay for any of the lessons we offer.

No more worrying about which lesson to purchase for your loved ones, just a quick and easy checkout then let them pick which lesson they’d like.

How It Works

After checking out below, you will receive a pdf voucher to the email address you enter at checkout. You can then forward it to whoever you like or print it at home to put in their card! Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, please see our terms and conditions.

The recipient can then use their code to book in via our online booking system, we are open from March to November every year, 7 days a week.


1:1 Private Tuition (minimum 2 hours)£55 per hour£65 per hour
2:1 Private Tuition (minimum 2 hours, recommended 3 hours)£70 per hour£85 per hour
3:1 Private Tuition (minimum 2 hours, recommended 4 hours)£90 per hour£105 per hour
1:1 Hydrofoil Lesson (3hrs)£225£225
Session One – Feel the wind (4hrs)£89£89
Session Two – Harness the power (4hrs)£119£119
Session Three – Let’s get riding! (4hrs)£119£119
Session Four – How far can you go? (3hrs)£109£109
Session Five – Persistence pays off (3hrs)£109£109
Session 1 to 3 Kitesurf Beginner Bundle (12 hrs)£327 £310£327 £310
Session 1 to 5 Kitesurf Course Bundle (18 hrs)£545 £505£545 £505
5 Day Kite Camp – Mon-Fri (25 hrs)£599£599
Intensive Kitesurf Long Weekender – Fri-Mon (18 hrs)£429£429
Kitebuggying & Landboarding (3hrs)£69£69
Intro Wingboarding (3hrs)£69£69
Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding (2hrs)£49£49
Stand Up Paddleboard River Tour (3hrs)£69£69
Multi Activity Half Day (3hrs) – [Minimum group size – 6 people]£69pp£69pp
Multi Activity Full Day (6hrs) – [Minimum group size – 4 people]£99pp£99pp

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase; please note the expiry date and make the gift voucher recipient aware of this date. Vouchers cannot be redeemed or extended after they have expired.