Kite Landboarding Lessons

Kite landboarding or kite mountain boarding brings together the excitement of flying a kite with the thrill of riding an off road board; taking aspects from kitesurfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, it can be performed either on a sandy beach or inland in a field or park. This sport has a very quick progression curve and you'll be surprised how far you are riding along by the end of this landboarding course.

This course starts is aimed at beginners, first starting with a short theory session in our centre's classroom which covers wind and weather, site assessment, equipment, safety, the wind window and riding directions.

Course duration - 4 hours
Cost - £89


Course Outline

  • Power kite set up and tuning
  • Kite flying including safety
  • Steering and kite control within the ‘wind window’
  • Kite power control
  • Introduction to more powerful kites for smooth pull on the landboard

Once the kite control is learnt, it’s onto the landboard!

  • Introducing the board and kite together
  • Controlled stop
  • Producing continuous power from the kite to keep the board speeding along the beach!
  • As key skills are developed and confidence gained, we introduce 'edging' the landboard, travelling back upwind, turning and even a slalom course!
  • The rules of the road allowing riders to pass each other safely without becoming tangled up is also briefly covered.


  • We have an extensive range of kite sizes allowing us teach safely in nearly any wind condition. The kites we use are forgiving making your learning curve quicker and more fun!
  • All of the equipment you need is included in the course cost
  • Bring a study pair of shoes, sunglasses, sun cream and warm clothing if it is cold
  • Post lesson discount vouchers for equipment we offer are available

After your lesson, you can hire a powerkite and landboard for just £15 per hour or £45 for the day, to help you progress with your new hobby!



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