Session Three – Let’s get riding

Four people per group, four hours duration, £119pp.

You have learnt so much already in just a few sessions; You can set up your own kite, make safe decisions about heading out into the water, have a good understanding of flying the kite in a range of motions to control power, and you can harness that power to move through the water in whichever direction you choose (apart from directly upwind, pesky physics!) – This practice has all been done to prepare you for your next big step during your Session Three kitesurfing lesson, the board.

What should I expect from the Session Three kitesurfing lesson?

Introducing the board is the step everyone is excited to get to (and we understand why); this session focuses on brushing up your kite techniques and working on those board skills.

It is at this point you will understand why we have worked so hard on your kite skills in Session Two, as trying to keep that kite still whilst putting the board on your feet in waves is the ultimate test of multi-tasking! You will be paired up with someone of similar ability and work together to get the technique correct.

There are many ways of putting a board on your feet but creating good habits and good technique at the very start of your first board lesson will help you throughout your future sessions and make riding all that easier.

session three kitesurfing lesson
session three kitesurfing lesson

Throughout your Session Three kitesurfing lesson, your instructor will be sharing their time with each member of your group, giving you vital feedback, and helping you achieve the best technique to make your board starts easier and more efficient, you’ll work in pairs with 2 kites between the group so that you have plenty of time to practice these techniques and hopefully experience your first rides!

This is the time that tends to become most challenging when learning to kite (don’t say we didn’t warn you) but you can rest assured that every single one of us has been through the frustrations inherent to pairing board and kite and lived to tell the tale! This is equally the most rewarding point of kitesurfing, feeling your first rides is a moment you will never forget. It’s the point when you should yell out loud “I’m a kitesurfer” and beam with joy that you’re achieving it.

How do I progress from the Session Three kitesurfing lesson?

After hours of trying your board starts and first rides, you’ll be ready for a nap go at sessions four and five, these kitesurf lessons are both aimed to continue your learning and extend your rides and will make a big difference to getting to ‘independence’ and a point where you can ride about on your own.

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Please note – You have to be 16+ to attend a group course. Our lesson structure is subject to change depending on group ability and the forecast, all decisions made by the instructor on the day are always with safety in mind and will be beneficial to the stage of learning you are at. For our frequently asked questions about lessons, rescheduling and cancellations please click here or contact us via email/phone.