Mystic Carbag


Mystic carbag protects your car and conceals your kit


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Mystic Carbag

The Mystic Carbag is latest product from Mystic for those who want to give their car a little more protection from the salt and sand that inevitably ends up inside!

The car bag slots into the back of your car transforming the boot and back seats into a space similar to a small van. You can slide all your gear in while keeping your car clean.

When out on the water there is a flap which hides away any equipment left inside from potential thieves.

There is also a changing mat which hangs nicely from the boots of the car (and then flaps back up inside when not in use) which aims to keep you nice and clean while changing and reduces even more dirt ending up inside.

Overall we think this is an awesome product and is brilliantly priced. Anything which reduces the amount of cleaning or corrosion in the car has to be a good thing!

The Mystic Car bag can also be used for transporting a wet and sandy dog!

The sizes are below but the general rule is that the 200cm is best for kitesurfing equipment whereas the 260cm is more appropriate for windsurfing or surfing where more space is needed or if you would like the full length to protect the inside of an estate car with the back seats down.


  • Semi Waterproof Bag For In Car Equipment Storage
  • PVC Coated 230D Polyester
  • Fold Out Changing Carpet
  • Ventilation System


  • 200cm,    260cm

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Weight2 kg


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