9m Best TS Kite Package – Board + Bar & lines + Pump + Leash

9m Best TS kite package

Full kitesurf equipment package, the Best TS with everything you need to go kitesurfing

Included in the package:

  • 9m Best TS
  • Slingshot Crisis 134 x 41  complete with straps, pads, handle and fins
  • Liquid Force CPR bar
  • Kite safety leash
  • Kite pump
  • Kite bag
  • Repair kit

All of the equipment is used and in good condition with our in house 6 month warranty

2015 BEST TS 9m

This is in great condition, perfect to get you riding around, canopy has no repairs and the bladders are all airtight. There is a small professionally repair to the leading edge which do not effect it in any way.

Fantastic all round kite for every type of rider from beginner to expert. The TS is super stable, has effortless relaunch and depower.

The TS is the ultimate crossover kite for everybody who needs a performance oriented kite to boost big airs, throw tricks, slice waves or get the most out of a freeride session. The TS is the kite to do it all. The Open-C design delivers a
rock solid stability while the kite geometry ensures an easy handling without deducting the flying speed. If anything, the TS is one of the fastest kites on the market, thanks to its shape, bridle system and light weight. As the TS comes with a lifetime warranty, we build it bomb proof. The new model has a Double Core RipStop reinforced trailing edge and a fine tuned placement of Dacron canopy, making it ultra durable. You want to take your riding to the next level and need a kite to deliver no matter the chosen style? Do it all with the TS!

And the BEST TS Lightwind

We developed a lightwind kite that provides the power and speed to jump high or do unhooked wakestyle tricks even in the lightestbreeze. Thanks to the Open-C platform and its ride optimized geometry the TS Lightwind is super stable and easy to handle even if the wind suddenly picks up. The weight efficent 5-strut design delivers an exeptional steering speed giving you the impression to fly a much smaller kite. Even though we reduced the weight, we were able to enhance the durability even further thanks to a new reinforced trailing edge and the smart placement of Dacron. The TS Lightwind kite is the ultimate crossover kite to unlock your limits even in wind speeds below 10 knots.


Slingshot Crisis 134cm x 41cm

The first step is to start learning the basics of this great sport and then progress. Slingshot knows that and it has come up with the perfect solution for beginner and intermediate riders, the Crisis board. It is user friendly, easy to handle and perfectly safe. It is a great choice for training and then progressing all the way through the sport.

• Crisis Deck – The board is engineered using the Slingshot Legendary Bomber Construction which makes it very light and extremely solid.
• Curved rocker – Great for carving and smoothing out the chop
• Custom Flex Technology – Allowing easy Manoeuvres
• Qty symmetrical fins – Comes with it’s original fins still in brand new condition.

Liquid Force CPR Bar

Check out it’s full listing here

  • DCP 300 Lines. Colour coded for easy setup . Featuring 20-meter lines with 3-meter extensions.
  • Coated Leader Lines. Thick and soft high-grade coated leader lines for rider protection.
  • Sliding, Adjustable Stopper Ball. Easy to reach
  • Bar end Winders & Floats. Oversized winders and floats offer rider safety and protection, and efficient line management.
  • Ergonomic EVA Grip. A soft, comfortable grip with ridges so you know which side of the bar is up.
  • Non-Mechanical Push-Away Safety Release. With a smooth, push-away action of the Centerline Push Release.
  • Self-Indexing Moulded Chicken Loop with Removable Pin.
  • Below-the-Bar Trim. With an easy-to-reach, below-the-bar trim system, the CPR Control System minimizes clutter and offers ergonomic power adjustment and lock-off.