Liquid Force Wow V2 – 7m & 9m

The Liquid Force Wow V2 has been extremely popular on demos so far due to its performance in all aspects

Available in the 7 and 9m, ex demo so come and try them out.

Discipline: Freeride/Wave/Jumping


Designed to feel like a seamless extension of your board and body, the Wow flies fast across the wind window, pulls only when you want it to, and drifts like a nimble cloud. Offering silky smooth sheet and go power delivery, exceptional maneuverability, and instant response, the Wow gives you the precision and freedom needed to position yourself right where you want to be on each and every unique wave for the ultimate, connected, surflike feel. In other words, the Wow lets you focus on the wave, rather than on the kite.

The Wow is not just a surf oriented kite though. Its stacked with freeriding traits, including stellar lift for big boost and long glide, pivotal looping for air transitions and gentle downloop landings, a small LE for banger upwind performance, and ultra responsiveness for fluid, carving turns. Additionally, all of these characteristics, coupled with the Wows graceful drift, make it a powerful choice for an enhanced and simplified foil boarding experience.

7m – 2018 V2

9m – 2017 V1

Liquid Force Wow Features –


1 Max Flow Inflation

Inflating your kite should be easy, and with the exclusive Liquid Force Max Flow valve and pump system, it is! The widemouthed setup is nearly effortless and 40 percent faster.

2 EVA Scuff Guards

LF’s EVA scuff guards protect the LE against abrasion and impact.

3 Challenge Triple Ripstop Canopy

Triple Ripstop, double laminated, high strength to weight ratio rip-stop canopy material. Only on Solo and Wow.

4 Tapered LE Tips

This LE wingtip design, combined with the LF tape batten prevents accidental bridle wraps.

5 0.1MM TPU Bladders

Strongest bladder material available today.

6 LE English Stitch Seams

Clean, inter locked, fray free design that creates a strong bond.

7 Sandwich Assembly

This layered Polytape construction assembly aids in the prevention of canopy tears in critical load bearing points.

8 One Pump System

Single point inflation system will inflate and deflate your struts automatically.

9 Synergy Strut

The LF Synergy Strut construction adds extra rigidity to the canopy profile adding strength and an ultra responsive direct feel.

10 High Sweep Wingtips

Higher sweep means increased turning speed, bar feedback, and effortless re-launch even in the lightest wind velocity.

11 Rider Adjustability

Turning speed, bar pressure and bar input response can all be adjusted at the wing tip and on the pigtails.

12 Layered Frame

LF Layered Frame construction gives added protection in key areas that are prone to canopy stress, reducing canopy tearing during harsh impacts.


Liquid Force Response Bar – Ex demo

Liquid Force Response Control Bar

Ex demo – Excellent condition

Versatile bar which can be used on most kitesurf kites thanks to the multi attachment line end pigtails and adjustable bar length


Re-designed from the chicken loop and safety release upwards, the Liquid Force Response bar is the new universal standard with all the features you need on a bar to give you ultimate control and adjustability.



Adjust bar ends on the fly for 46cm to 56cm bar width.


Easily move the trim cleat up and down for personal preference and reach.


Ceramic self-flushing auto-spin swivel that maintains twist-free flying lines for maximum performance.


Soft, comfortable grip with ergonomic contours for fatigueless riding and tactile bar orientation.


Reliable, safe and simple to use.

Liquid Force Response Bar Features


2019 Liquid Force Benchmark Kiteboard

2019 Liquid Force Benchmark Kiteboard

2019 Liquid Force Benchmark Kiteboard was designed by 10-time world champion Gisela Pulido and her father Juan Manuel to be the perfect twin tip for the all round performance freeride.

HUGE DISCOUNT – Now only £299!!

Size: 130x 40

There is no question that a 10-time World Champion knows what is needed in a board to reach the highest of level of competition. Gisela Pulido and her father Juan Manuel have been perfecting her ideal twin tip for years. With the added knowledge of LF’s extensive board engineering team, Gisela finally says the board of her dreams has been created.

The Benchmark incorporates a rocker line, flex pattern, and outline that the most demanding gals will enjoy. While at the same time forgiving enough to inspire progression. Utilising the same core profiling techniques as the Echo, the Benchmark has been created with a solid wood core that has a single concave to channel tips that smooths out the harsh chop and make upwind pointing simple. Rounding out the board is a sandwich glass construction and capped with Liquid Rail for durability.

Offering a super comfortable ride, grip and edge hold as well as efficiency giving excellent upwind performance, smooth carving, lively response and great pop – The Liquid Force Benchmark is freeride perfection


•Printed matte substrate for vibrant colour and reduced weight
•M6 inline insert packs for strength and multiple stance options
•Profiled and shaped wood core
•Bi-axial longitudinal reinforcement strips for ultra durability and flex integrity.
•Liquid Force’s exclusive Liquid Rail for impact durability
•Full single concave to channel hull design.
• Take a look HERE for strap and pad options

Size: 130x 40



Liquid Force Thruster Carbon HydroFoil & Airush FoilBoard Package

Liquid Force Thruster Carbon HydroFoil & Airush Foil Skate Board Package

Full Kite Hydrofoil set up…..Ready to go with Liquid Force Thruster Carbon Foil and Airush Foil Skate Board including straps.

Option to add Mystic MK8 helmet and Mystic Block Impact Vest as well as Northcore Surf shield Ear Plugs, all for a reduced price…Highly recommended!


Liquid Force Kites Thruster HydroFoil Kit Carbon

The ultimate freeride experience at a price you cant argue with. The LF Thruster Hydrofoil is a wing developed for smooth lift and all round performance.

The Liquid Force Thruster Wing Set Carbon was developed in collaboration with Hood River master foiler and foil designer, Matt Wheeler, the Thruster Foil takes performance to the next level. The Thruster Foil features an early takeoff speed, excellent stability, and an extended speed range. The Thruster Foil Wings go fast while at the same time being excellent at carving.

The Thruster Foil Wings Carbon feature a unique flat design that translates into a larger projected area, the part of the foil that gives it lift, which means the foil is smaller with less drag. This flat design allows the tips of the foil to break the water surface without causing the foil to cavitate resulting in the foil losing lift. The Thruster’s wings derive their lift from the center of the foil, while the wingtips provide stability.

Occupying the space between the low aspect Rocket Foil Wings and the faster medium aspect Happy Foil Wings, the Thruster Foil Set Carbon is great for beginners as well as riders who are progressing with their foiling skills. Able to foil at very low speeds, the Thruster Foil Wings can also handle a great deal of speed with excellent stability. The Thruster Foil is all the buzz with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive. If you are looking to take your foiling skills to the next level or if you want to start foiling now, the Thruster Foil Wings should be front and center on your radar.Liquid Force Thruster Hydro Foil Kit in listing specifications

The Liquid Force Thruster Foil Hydrofoil Kit specifications:


  • Design:  Scientifically designed and engineered in Hood River, Oregon by Matt Wheeler, engineering PHD and expert kite and windsurf hydrofoiler.
  • Reflex:  “Reflex trailing edge design that limits cavitation on wing tip breaches
  • Construction:  Available in carbon construction
  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Comfort zone speed: 14 – 22 MPH
  • Low end lift speed (variable): 7 MPH
  • Top speed (Variable): 32 MPH
  • Mast Length: 94.8cm alloy weighing 2250g
  • Fuselage Length with HD fuselage: 81.7cm weighing 1220g
  • Thruster Glass Wing Set weighing 1100g
  • Total Weight: 4570g

Read our handy guide on how to look after your equipment here.


Airush Core Foil Skate 2020

The Airush Core Foil Skate 2020 comes to deliver a smooth ride that feels more like a twintip with a skate style playfulness. The Foil Skate offers a twintip style construction to foil riders. When compared to higher volume foil boards, the Core Foil Skate is easy to launch as the board sits lower in the water, specifically if you are used to riding twintips. The stiff wood core creates a very stable ride and is extremely durable. The Airush Core Foil Skate 2020 includes low drag foil inserts and optional fin connections. This opens up the option of traditional skate style directional riding without the foil.

  • Durable & versatile board for intermediate riders.
  • Stiff construction for increased stability.
  • Ideal with fins for riding without a foil.


  • 121 x 46
  • 142 x 48 – Recommended for beginner and intermediate riders as well as the surfboard crossover


airush foil skate

  • Lightweight durable top sheet.
  • Midweight triaxial fiberglass.
  • Scratch resistant bottom sheet.

The AR Glass layup is focused on durability and responsiveness, ensuring a perfect combination for all carving and freeride foiling needs. This construction is simple yet effective for smooth, easy, and forgiving riding.

airush foil skate

Liquid Force CPR bar & line system

Liquid Force CPR Control Bar 


Used but good condition, lines depower rope and safety line ok and includes free spare safety line.

Safety, simplicity, and reliability. That’s what you can expect from the CPR Control System, which is designed for all Liquid Force kites and also works on any other 4 line kite

Featuring an exclusive non-mechanical push-away safety release, the LF control bar is the most trustworthy setup on the market. With a smooth, push-away action below the bar, all of our kites will depower 90 percent when leashed to the trim strap, and a full 100 percent when connected to the safety depower ring. Incorporating an easy-to-reach, below-the-bar trim system, the CPR Control System minimises clutter and offers ergonomic power adjustment and lock-off.

Other key features include a self-indexing chicken loop, removable spreader bar pin, ergonomic EVA grips, kook-proof attachments, and strong and stretch-resistant German-engineered 23-meter lines. Available in 4- and 5-line options


Liquid Force CPR Control Bar Tech

  • DCP 300 Lines. German engineered, our DCP 300 flying and steering lines are coated for reduced tangle, and offer stretch resistance, and color coding for Goof Proof setup. Featuring 20-meter lines with 3-meter extensions.
  • Coated Leader Lines. Thick and soft high-grade coated leader lines for rider protection.
    Sliding, Adjustable Stopper Ball. Easy to reach, the sliding stopper ball delivers the ultimate on-the-fly throw adjustment.
  • Bar end Winders & Floats. Oversized winders and floats offer rider safety and protection, and efficient line management.
  • Ergonomic EVA Grip. A soft, comfortable grip with ridges so you know which side of the bar is up.
  • Non-Mechanical Push-Away Safety Release. With a smooth, push-away action of the Centerline Push Release, all of our kites will depower a full 100 percent when connected to the safety depower ring and 90 percent when leashed to the trim strap. There are zero moving parts such as pins, balls, or bungees that can deteriorate, corrode or get jammed with debris. US Patent #6,988,694.
  • Self-Indexing Moulded Chicken Loop with Removable Pin. Whenever you unhook, the molded chicken-loop automatically re-orients itself for easy hooking in. And to stay hooked in, simply pop the pin into your spreader bar.
  • Below-the-Bar Trim. With an easy-to-reach, below-the-bar trim system, the CPR Control System minimizes clutter and offers ergonomic power adjustment and lock-off.

Liquid Force Depower Rope/Line

Liquid Force Depower Rope

Replacement Liquid Force depower rope/line for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015 Liquid Force CPR or previous years Axis bars as well as the 2015 & 2016 Response bars

The Line is about 2m long and 6mm thick, can be used on many other kite bars other than Liquid Force, such as North, Duotone, Best, Slingshot or Naish.

Option of in house, custom built depower line by our professional repair team. These are exactly the same as the manufacturer produced ropes but much cheaper!

The Liquid Force custom built rope does not come with the toggle and stopper ball but please contact us if you would like this option as we do have these spare parts available.

Original depower line comes complete with all the parts shown in the image