Scrub / HQ Raid Alu Channel Truck

Scrub Raid Alu Channel Truck

A great solid truck that you can use on almost any landboard, change the egg shocks to make it stiffer or softer depending upon how you like to carve.

This is the standard truck on Raid Thief and also many scrub channel truck boards like the quasar, predator and furnace creek. Super simple and reliable channel truck.

his is the Aluminium truck that is used on the Furnace Creek, Quasar boards and others. It is a great truck that is light in weight and with three spring positions for adjustment. This makes it easy to tune the truck to your riding style and eliminate the dreaded wobbles without playing with washers etc.

The kingpin is encased with bushes where it meets the truck to prevent wear and ensure smooth operation. It can basically be used to fit to any deck although you might need to add a few extra holes.

The truck is sold individually

The Truck comes with springs and eggs already installed. The fixings and bolts shown in the pictures are also supplied with the truck.


Hq Raid or Scrub Aluminium Channel Truck