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Gift Vouchers for any value

A gift voucher is ideal  to buy as a present for that lucky person.

Perfect if you are a little unsure as to which products they may already have or what size they are. You can purchase a gift voucher for any monetary amount so they have all the choices!

Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 Year from the date of purchase and can be exchanged against any products we sell, as well as the lessons and courses we offer. Extending the voucher for an additional year will incur a £10 admin charge. Vouchers are not refundable after their expiry date.

Vouchers must be exchanged for goods or services, no cash alternative will be given.

Delivery Options

If you need the voucher quickly, please select the “Email” delivery option and we will send it straight over to you. If you select the “Post” option you can choose from an estimated 1-2 days delivery with the “Express” postage or 2-3 business days with standard delivery.

Redeeming Your Voucher

Lesson start times vary each day with high tide and not all lessons are run every day. You can check the dates and times we have available online here.

Please note that you are not able to book online with a voucher, you will need to email or call 07563 763 046.

If you’d like to use the voucher against a shop purchase, please call or email to place the order.

The voucher is valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase, but can be extended to run for two years for an extra £10. We run group lessons from March – October each year and private tuition all year round. All vouchers are worth the equivalent of their monetary cost and can be transferred to purchase an alternative lesson and / or products from our shop.

Free Changing Poncho!

If you purchase a voucher for £300 or £500, we will ship a free changing poncho with the voucher. This is a really nice addition to the voucher and something every watersports enthusiast would want! One size fits all.

NHS kite raffle tickets


Results are available here:

Win a kite for £1 & help thank the NHS

As a kitesurfing business there’s not a lot we can contribute to the current pandemic other than staying at home, but we’d like to give our thanks to the front line NHS staff who are literally putting their lives on the line to save others.
We’re sure there are many others who are sitting at home thinking the same thing and would like to contribute in one way or another.

So, we’ve put a little competition together to help raise funds for the NHS, but have kept the ticket costs really low, as we know everyone is feeling the pinch at least a little bit right now!

We’re offering a brand new 2020 North Orbit Kitesurfing Kite as first prize in a £1 per ticket entry raffle. We also have other fantastic prizes for the first 5 tickets drawn.


1: North Orbit kitesurf kite – worth over £1500!

2: F-one T shirt, Cabrinha cap signed by Suzi mai & Andre Phillip, lanyard & stickers

3: North T shirt, Mystic Stuff sack bag, lanyard & stickers

4: Kite repair kit, lanyard & stickers

5: Duotone Mug, Diversity book, lanyard & stickers

All proceeds will be donated to the NHS

We don’t have the ability to purchase PPE but we can put together care packages for as many hospitals as possible to show our appreciation & thanks. These will then be delivered directly to the hospital staff.

To enter the competition, purchase some tickets and follow our facebook page where all results and progress on funds raised will be updated.

Anyone can enter, where ever you live in the world

There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase – The more you buy the higher your chances of winning and the more money we can raise

1 FREE ticket for every 10 purchased


Ticket numbers will be emailed and a live draw will take place on our Facebook page on May 16th.

Please like and share to help us raise as much as possible.

3 Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

3 Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

This 3 piece adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle is an excellent all round, high quality paddle that has a big range of adjustability so can be used by all sizes of user.

Featuring a light and stiff aluminum shaft, durable composite blade. It is much stiffer and lighter than most paddles at this price point and very good value. An easy to use clip for adjusting the paddle shaft height

Designed for all stand up paddlers looking a quality performance paddle at a low cost. It can be used for river cruises, lakes, in the open sea or surfing the waves.

Join in the middle of the shaft, reducing the size so the paddle packs up nice and small. It fits in the bag of an inflatable SUP or kayak. Very easy for transportation and storage



  • 3-piece Light & stiff aluminium shaft
  • Composite blade
  • Blade angle: 5°
  • Blade surface: 94 in²
  • Blade width: 8.7″ | 220mm
  • ABS protector on paddle edge
  • Clip with lever to adjust length easily & fast
  • Length: 170cm / 210cm
  • Comfortable plastic T-grip
  • Weight: 980g | 2.16lbs

Perfect to be used with an inflatable paddle board

Switch Element 2018 – 6m, 10m, 14m & Bar

Switch Element 6m, 10m, 14m & Bar Package

All kites and the bar are in excellent condition

More images to follow shortly

Each kite has a very small pinhole repair in the same place, next to the inflate valve where it has rubbed a little on the canopy. This is very minor and has been patched to prevent and further problems. All the canopies are in excellent condition with very few signs of use. Some of the kites have only been used a handful of time.

Purchase 3 kites for not much more than a new set of bar and lines!

This is a great quiver to cover you for almost all wind speeds in the UK. Aimed at intermediate riders but they are actually very user friendly.

The kites were a set up we took as a part exchange from someone who used them to learn on but didn’t get on the water much. The kites are sold as higher performance but are actually user friendly and easy to use for the less experienced.

The bar & lines have a modern single line safety system and easy to use quick release system. The lines are very strong with a 500kg breaking strain.


About the Switch Element 6 – 2018


We focused on what you wanted.



With all our customers and team feedback, it was clear to see what you wanted from an ‘All-Terrain’ kite. Jump, Drift, Progression, Strong, Light. With a fresh new design brief, we totally redesigned the Element 6 from the ground up with the sole focus of delivering exactly what you wanted


The Element 6 is the easiest kite to jump we have ever made. All you need to do is send the kite and pull in on the bar. From someone starting to jump for the first time through to riders trying to mega loop, the Element 6 will be the easiest kite to take you to the next level.
The Element 6 has phenomenal lift, drift, turning speed and most importantly, control – so at every stage of your jump you can easily and confidently adjust your height and come in for a soft landing. If you are into jumping, you have to experience the new Element 6.

Switch Nitro 2018 – 8m

Switch Nitro 2018 – 8m

The kite is in excellent condition

More images to follow shortly

The kite has a very small pinhole repair in the same place, next to the inflate valve where it has rubbed a little on the canopy. This is very minor and has been patched to prevent and further problems.

The kite is in excellent condition with very little signs of use.

The kite was taken as a part exchange from someone who used it to learn on but didn’t get on the water much. The kites are sold as higher performance but are actually user friendly and easy to use for the less experienced / beginners.

The bar & lines have a modern single line safety system and easy to use quick release system. The lines are very strong with a 500kg breaking strain.

Grab a bargain for the incoming winter winds


About the Switch Nitro 6 – 2018

Written by KiteMag

Switch Kites have been in the kitesurfing game for a while now with a solid business model – spend as little as possible on team riders and marketing (just invest in absolute rippers when you do), cut out as much of the supply chain as possible, and ship you kites at the lowest price possible. Admittedly this isn’t for everyone, but their kites definitely do the business, as this video demonstrates.


Here’s what Switch have to say about the Nitro 6.

Going fast, flying high, the Nitro 6 is the ultimate in freeride performance.

Since the beginning of kiteboarding big air freeriding has been at the core of what makes kiteboarding so awesome. The Nitro has always been the perfect high performance freeride machine for anyone looking to enjoy massive big air tricks. All the key elements are there: control, power, speed, strength and ease of use. This perfect balance has given the Nitro a cult following and made it our number 1 selling kite.

  • Ultimate boost, extended hang time, soft landings
  • Maximum wind range
  • Direct power turns
  • Light-to-medium bar pressure
  • Easy re-launch including reverse launch


The new Nitro6 is the most refined version in the history of the Nitro line. Although the Nitro6 closely resembles the Nitro5 when viewed aloft, every seam and panel has been changed to optimize the design for improved overall performance and handling. The Nitro6 is a completely new kite entirely designed to be the best Nitro ever without losing the traditional dynamic character.

First, the Nitro6 airfoil has been completely re-profiled moving the draft aft in the center and reducing the entry angle for a cleaner, smoother de-power response. The profile has also been reduced and smoothed spanwise toward the wingtips for less luffing in the shoulders and overall drag reduction. The Nitro6 canopy is tight and exhibits less distortion throughout the bar throw.

Second, the planform has been changed with increased sweep starting in the shoulders and extending to the wingtip to improve relaunch, dynamic stability, and de-powered line tension.

Third, due to the change in profile, the struts have been re-designed to not only match the profile changes but to enhance stability, reduce weight and increase durability. In concert with the planform change, the Leading Edge tube has also been reconfigured.


  • Faster turning speed and boost
  • Better loops
  • Improved and reliable relaunch
  • Shorter, smoother depower bar throw and smoother in gusty conditions.


High-flying big-air masters or riders who just love high speed cruising will equally find the Nitro answering their prayers. The Nitro brings performance kiting to a whole new level of ease and response.

Kiteboard screw/bolt & washer set of 4

Replacement kitesurf board screw and washer set for all kiteboards.

High quality stainless steel bolts/screws to attach any kitesurf footstraps or bindings to any kiteboard

Nylon washers to protect your footstraps and lock the bolt in tight

These bolts can also be used to screw on the handle or fins to your kitesurf board


The standard bolt is metric with 16mm of thread and a rounded head but please let us know if you would like a different length as we have a huge size range available as well as imperial threaded screws.


Set of 4 bolts and washers





TKSC Wing Foil Package

TKSC Wing Foil Package

The TKSC Wing Foil Package including: RRD Beluga Foil board, F-One Swing 5’0 Wing and AK 1600 or 2000 Hydrofoil Set up.

Perfect package to get you started wing foiling!!! FREE Pump and Mystic MK8 helmet included in our “All to Go” set!!!

F-One Swing V2

The original feeling of the F-One SWING has been greatly improved. Learn wing foiling faster with the SWING V2. This brand new wing offers more lightness and comfort while being very accessible as well as performing for all riders!

Offering pure enjoyment is at the heart of this new SWING’s design. It is not a matter of pure performances nor the jumps’ height. It has been designed to offer the lightest feeling possible and generating efficient power to allow foiling in all conditions with maximum stability and ease of use.

The power’s distribution has been improved and is perfectly balanced in order to save arms fatigue.
The instant power generated by the wing as well as its neutral balance, makes it a fantastic wing for all riders no matter their level and ways to practice. It has been designed to offer a flex which greatly improves the comfort. The F-ONE SWING V2 is a fantastic light wind wave riding wing.

F-One created the most accessible set up on the market. Along with ROCKET AIR and GRAVITY FCT, you can enjoy your first flights in the best conditions.


  • The SWING has been known for its incredible lightness. The V2 comes back with an even lighter feel.
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Easy planning and upwind performances
  • Maximum comfort and accessibility


Its new design benefits from the STRIKE’s innovations. Its stability and durability have been improved thanks to its vertical panel orientation along the trailing edge inspired by the STRIKE. F-One has used their well-known light weight and high quality materials as well as the exclusive design to get a super sleek canopy. They also made the choice not to add the unnecessary accessories to keep the weight as low as possible.

The SWING V2 has 2 comfortable handles located in the crucial spots to allow the rider to have the perfect balance and there again to lower the overall weight of the wing. They have been optimized to offer ease of use in transitions and the best tuning. Their excellent feel encourage longer sessions.

Its remarkable low weight will make you forget about it when in free fly mode and when riding swell. The F-ONE SWING V2 has improved all of its original features: simplicity, comfort and stability. Riding in the low end will have never been so enjoyable and is exceptionally intuitive.


  • The SWING V2 is available is 2.4, 2.8, 3.5, 4.2, 5 and 5.5 m to suit all needs.
  • Each wing surface covers a 15 knots wind range. It is unique and allows the riders to ride in a 30 knots wind range with only 2 wings.
  • Specifically designed for kids and lightweight riders, the 2.4 is the ideal wing to learn and enjoy the sport!


f-one wing

AK Surf Foil 2021

The AK Surf Foil is a high quality foil for wave surfing. With a simple and impressive look, It also gives the possibility for tuning. The aluminium baseplate, mast and fuselage come connected twice deeper than usual, making the AK Surf Foil really stiff and light. Pumping the AK is super easy and makes pivoting and catching a wave feel natural.

The front and back wings offer smooth riding, with the fun part being the back stabilizer wing. It has an integrated tuning system allowing the angle of attack to be switched forward or backword. This trim system will help any foil beginner to adjust for personal comfort, more lift or stability.


AK Surf Foil 1600cm2

  • Surf specific foil ideal for heavy weight & light wind kiting.
  • Large rear wing for versatile performance. 1600cm² AK Surf front wing.
  • The AK Surf Foil 1600 was developed specifically as a surf foil to perform in small to medium size waves, or for heavier riders over 80kg / 200LBS, in all-around surf or for light wind kite foiling.
  • The intermediate aspect ratio wings with updated profiles provide the perfect balance between maneuverability, speed, and pumping.
  • Front Wing: 1600cm2  Rear Wing: 300cm2  Mast: 70cm

AK Surf Foil 2000cm2

  • Intermediate aspect ratio for ease of use.
  • Unique profile for great high-speed control. 2000cm² Surf front wing.
  • The AK Surf Foil 2000 was developed for riders looking for a high lift front wing for wing foiling and heavyweight surfing.
  • The intermediate aspect ratio wings with refined profiles provide the perfect balance between maneuverability, speed, and pumping.
  • Front Wing: 2000cm2  Rear Wing: 300cm2  Mast: 70cm


AK Surf Foil Features

1300 & 1600 CM2 FRONT WING
The 1300cm2 anhedral elliptical wingtips are swept down for directional stability, while the delta shape maintains the key lift area in the center of the wing underneath the rider.

The AK Surf Foil 2000 was developed for riders looking for a high lift front wing for wing foiling and heavyweight surfing.

The rear wing allows the trim angle to be quickly adjusted to compensate for the lift requirements for different rider levels, personal preference, and when using different wing configurations.

The unique Stealth Fuselage absolutely minimizes drag while maximizing stiffness, while the flow dynamics minimize any oscillation you would find in a round fuselage, resulting in increased stability.

RRD Beluga Y26

The new RRD Beluga Y26 Wingsurf Board has a compact shape for stability and manoeuvrability, pushing you beyond your level.

Six sizes to get you in the water and have a blast anytime you are riding it. The Beluga feels free and maneuverable making it your preferred all rounder. Choose your ideal size whether you are a novice or expert rider. Wingsurf, Surf, SUP and Windfoil, this board offers options for all these sports.

The rails, with a pronounced bevel, allow you to have a larger area to position your feet and less bottom surface to reduce the drag during touch downs. A pronounced kicker on the tail makes you fly in no time when pumping it and keep control during your tricks.

Track system for attaching the Hydrofoil in multiple positions for your preferred set up and balance point.

The RRD Beluga Y26 is fun to ride both in flatwater and in waves, it simply does the job whatever the conditions throw at you!


  • Carry handle on the bottom for easy entry into the water.
  • Special deck concave shape for a comfortable and performing ride.
  • Tail kicker to start foiling earlier and bevelled rails.
  • Foil mounting track system
  • Deep double concave bottom for smooth touch downs.
  • Multiple straps position (double or single front straps) to chose your preferred set up.
  • Specific reinforced foil box with 2 US slots to resist any stress.
  • The 170 and 175 are convertible to windfoil as they float enough to uphaul the sail and are well balanced when powered up at full speed.
  • The 170 is available in LTD and E-TECH. All the other sizes come in LTE, the ideal compromise between light weight and strength.



Short shape packed with volume to allow buoyancy and maneuverability once in the air.



Rails with a pronounced bevel to have a larger area to position your feet , but also less bottom surface to reduce drag during touch downs.



Pronounced double concave in the middle to the front section for smooth touch downs and a better overall performance.



Double front strap or single strap to chose your preferred set up for both flat water or waves.


Full deck pad with colour coordination to help feet positioning, comfort and support.



Carry handle on the bottom for easy transport to the water of both the Beluga and the Wind Wing.


350 & 500kg kitesurf kite lines & extensions

Kitesurf kite lines & extensions

High quality pre stretched dyneema with smooth and shiny waxy coating available in 210kg, 350kg or extra strong 500kg breaking strains.

These line sets can be used on any type of kite whether is is for kitesurfing on the water or flying kites on the land or snow

Any length can be produced or multiple lengths with extensions such as 20 + 3m or 18 + 5 to give you options for different wind strengths. Please contact us if you would like a length or extension other than listed.

2, 3 & 5m extensions to add some extra to the bottom end of your kite for lighter winds

Also available as single lines


Option to choose different line end pig tails, either 3mm spliced and stitched dyneema with colour coded kook proof knots and loop connection (image 3) or multi attachment pigtails (image 4).


Lengths and breaking strain


  • 4 x 23m lines – 350kg – £89.99
  • 4 x 20m lines – 2 x 375, 2 x 500kg – £89.99
  • 4 x 23m lines – 2 x 350, 2 x 500kg – £99.99
  • 4 x 25m lines – 2 x 375, 2 x 500kg – £99.99
  • 4 x 23m lines – 500kg – £109.99
  • 4 x 21+3m lines – 350kg – £109.99
  • 4 x 20+3m lines – 2 x 350, 2 x 500kg – £119.99


  • 1 x 23m 350kg line – £29.99
  • 1 x 23m 500kg line – £35.99
  • 4 x 2m (2 x 500kg, 2 x 350kg) extensions – £29.99
  • 4 x 5m (2 x 500kg, 2x 350kg) extensions – £44.99


350kg line is white or orange

500kg line is grey

20m & 25m, 375x500kg  line sets are blue/grey and orange/grey, they have sleeved ends with loops

Universal Multi Attachment Kitesurf Heavyweight Pigtails

Universal Multi Attachment Heavyweight Pigtails

4 x Universal heavyweight Pigtails set for all 4 line kites.

This pigtail set is a replacement or additional part for the pigtails you’ll find on all 4 line bar & lines. Fitting them to your line ends add life to your bar as these inexpensive pigtails take all the wear rather than damaging the lines. Plus they give you the versatility to use your bar on any type or brand of kite.

Two types available:

  • 4mm stitched dyneema, 2 x knots, 2 x loops – Very durable and better than most of the pigtails that come with kite bars originally.
  • 3mm sleeved dyneema – 4 x loop knots – Multi attachment allowing any line end to be used as a knot or a loop. Giving you the ability to fit the bar onto any 4 line kite, no matter what configuration of loops and knots. Very useful if you have different brands of kite in your quiver.


These pigtails will fit the following brands (plus many others):













Liquid Force




North (both new and old brand models)

Ocean Rodeo


Peter Lynn




Star Kites





They’ll basically fit any 4 line kite bar!


TKSC Tee Mens

The Kitesurf Centre t-shirt


A kick-ass TKSC logo t-shirt for the hot days to keep you cool and in style with the water sports. High quality material and prints, 100% Cotton and sizes from XS to XL.

Available in Blue for Mens and Blue and Purple for Womens.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Small – 48
  • Medium – 50
  • Large – 52
  • X Large – 54


TKSC Tee Womens

The Kitesurf Centre t-shirt


A kick-ass TKSC logo t-shirt for the hot days to keep you cool and in style with the water sports. High quality material and prints, 100% Cotton and sizes from XS to XL.

Available in Blue for Mens and Blue and Purple for Womens.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Small – 48
  • Medium – 50
  • Large – 52
  • XLarge – 54


MBS Colt 90 Landboard

MBS Colt 90 Landboard

The Colt 90 is an awesome all round mountainboard that is designed to get people into the Downhill, Kite Landboarding or Wing surfing.

The Colt 90 has undergone more improvements than ever before. Upgraded tyres to MBS T1 tyres which use the MBS specially formulated high-rebound rubber material making this year’s Colt 90 more than twice as fast as last year’s. Next upgraded is the Colt’s tube material to high-grade butyl rubber. This has reduced air loss and flats to little more than a memory. Other wheel improvements include genuine MBS rubber-shielded 12x28mm bearings and FiveStar hubs. The tyre and hub upgrade gives a fantastic weight savings. Also upgraded are the ATS axles from 9.5 to 12mm to match the diameter of the Matrix axles. This massively improves strength and durability.

In addition to the obvious performance enhancements these upgrades offer they have made the Colt 90 more compatible with the rest of the line so the choice to one day upgrade your hubs or trucks is as simple as that.

MBS Colt 90 landboard features

12mm axles are used which offer the light weight benefits as well as improved strength giving you the opportunity to get into the air as soon as possible!

At 90cm long, the deck makes the MBS Colt 90 landboard manoeuvrable and excellent for adults or younger riders.

Fitted with 8″ T1 tyres that give reliable performance and grip in all conditions.

Use it as a mountain board for going down hills or as a lightweight kite board for use with a foil/power kite.



  • Sturdy maple-lam deck.
  • ATS.12 trucks with 12mm axles are strong, light, and easily adjustable.
  • F1 Velcro bindings easily adjust to fit your foot.
  • MBS FiveStar hubs with genuine MBS 8″ T1 tyres make this board as fast as its older siblings.
  • Overall Weight – 6.6 (kg) / 14.6 (lb)
  • Overall Length – 105.2 (c) / 41.4 (in)
  • Axle to Axle Length – 85.2 (c) / 33.5 (in)
  • Stiffness – Stiff
  • Assembly – Wheels Off Component Pack


We use these boards in our kite landboard lessons and they are great, ideal for all levels and sizes for rider in various wind conditions.

Kitesurf kite leading edge bladders (all sizes & brands)

Kitesurf kite leading edge bladders (all sizes & brands)

Replacement leading edge bladders for all and any kitesurf kite.

Choose your brand in the drop down menu and leave the model & year of your kite in the order notes at checkout. Double check the model and year of your kite carefully as once bladders have been produced they are non refundable. 

We have a huge range of spare bladders and can nearly always find one that will fit your kite, but if we do not have a bladder that is an exact match we can custom build one for you.

Getting spares from brands is very difficult, especially for older models.


All bladders and valves are at least the the same quality material and finish than the originals and come ready to go straight into the kite.


Some examples but not all….

Duotone – Rebel, Evo, Vegas, Fuse, Neo, Dice, Dyno, Rhino
Cabrinha – Crossbow,  Switchblade, Drifter, Vector, Convert, Chaos,
Naish – Non octopus system kites eg: Bolt, Cult, Charger older Torch, Boxer, Raven
Liquid Force – Envy, Havoc, Hifi Comp, NRG, Session, Assault
Flexifoil – Hadlow Pro, ID, Atom, Proton, Ion
Slingshot – Fuel, RPM, Key, Rev, Link
Best – Waroo, Kahoona, Nemisis, Taboo, GP, TS
RRD – Passion, Vision, Obsession, Religion, Hypertype, Type 8, 9
Airush – Lithium, Varial, Varial X, Vapor, Vapor X, One, Razor, DNA, Union, Wave, Diamond, Vantage
JN – Primadonna, Da Vinci, Wildthing, Mr Fantastic
Ocean Rodeo – Rise, Razor, Diablo, Cypher
Wainman – Bunny, Gypsy, Rabbit, Smoke, Punch, Boss, Big Mama
Ozone – Catalyst, Reo, C4, Zephyr
Elevate – WS, RS, PS, OS, FS

Click here for Liquid Force leading edge bladders

Strut bladders from £9.99

Please contact us to check if we have a leading edge bladder that will fit your kite and if not, how much it will cost for a custom built bladder, here our some rough prices:


Please note that almost all brands now have their bladders made to order so this process takes around 10 days.



Kitesurf kite self adhesive one pump valve

Kitesurf kite self adhesive one pump valve

Replacement one pump system valve with durable self adhesive backing

Quick and easy way to repair your kite strut or leading edge one pump valve

Remove the original valve and clean the area with the alcohol wipe supplied.

Wait for it to dry and then peel off the backing and stick on the new valve.

This self adhesive one pump valve will fit on most kitesurf kites on the market, please check with us if you are unsure.

The base diameter of this valve is the same as Ozone, Slingshot and F-one but will also fit many other brands

We have some other types of one pump valves available so if you would like a different shape or size, please contact us as we will most likely have the specific one for your kite

TWF 3mm Neoprene Gloves

TWF Glove 3mm

The TWF neoprene gloves will keep your hands warm through the colder months and allow you to enjoy the winter sessions.

Ideal for any watersport or cold water swimming

Flexible neoprene with glued and blind stitched (GBS) watertight seams, pre-shaped ergonomic shape and print grip makes them comfortable and warm.

GBS seams minimise any water coming in through the stitching and the velcro strap reduces any water being able to sneak in at the wrist.



  • GBS watertight seams (Glued Blind Stitched)
  • Printed palm grip
  • Flex Neoprene (100%)Adjustable velcro strap
  • Ergonomic natural pre shaped
  • 5 Finger
  • 3mm


  • 100% Flex Neoprene


  •  M   L   XL

Take a look at the neoprene glove size chart below to check which size of the TWF wetsuit gloves will fit you best.