Located between Ramsgate and Deal on the East coast of Kent, the beach at Sandwich Bay faces directly east, ideal for a large range of wind directions that other local beaches may be unsuitable in.












Access and Launching

Access to the beach is fairly easy, however the most obvious route goes though a private estate that runs behind the beach with three golf courses on it. Entry tolls cost £4-£5 Winter/Summer and the car park has toilet facilities. Kites can be launched at any state of the tide with a large shingle bank to launch off when the tide is high.

Spot Information

The beach is a large shingle beach with sand and pebbles becoming exposed once the tide starts dropping. At high tide there can be some shore dump but if you are quick at getting off the beach then this is no problem. Once out from the shore, this spot is great. Sandwich Bay can be used at all states of the tide, however for beginners it is best at mid to low tide when there are large sand banks making it shallow for a long way out. The spot works with winds from the north through to the south via the east. However it is best kited on a south easterly.