We take a trip out to Italy each year to visit Gregorio’s snowkite school – The Snowkite Centre. He also runs lessons throughout the whole winter and it is an amazing sport in an amazing location

The Snowkiting Centre is located at Vetan, near Aosta, in one of the most beautiful Italian snowkite destinations. Surrounded by amazing white mountains and a breathtaking view, you will be able to learn how to snowkite safely and have great fun doing it!

The centre is owned and run by one of our summer instructors, Gregorio Ceccoli. Some of you may have already met him over the last few years.

Snowkite is the winter version of kitesurfing. The technique and control of the kite are the same and you can use a snowboard or skis to ride along the snow. As well as a fantastic sport it in it’s own right it is also great training for when the summer comes…… Surf the waves during summer, surf the snow and mountains in winter!

Your kite will soon become your personal ski-lift, completely free of charge and 100% green! Getting pulled by a kite, just using the power of the wind, you will be able to go uphill, downhill and on the flat experiencing a very exciting sense of freedom.

This sport is fit for ANYONE who can ski, snowboard, kitesurf or kite landboard!


Find out more and experience the joys of winter at The Snowkiting Centre.


Take a look at our snowkite holiday for the information and dates of our next trip.


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