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Nov 12, 2013 by Mike

Had a great two days with Clive and Rupert. Easy going teaching styles, but with a strong emphasis on our personal safety, which as a complete kite flying novice, I thoroughly appreciated. Really looking forward to completing my course when weather and work commitments permit. I was reassured to find that I was not their most ancient student and am determined to nail it!!! Hooked :)

By far the best!

Sep 19, 2013 by Nathalie

Kitesurfing is not something that came naturally to me, so I have had a lot of lessons! Out of all these lessons I can easily say that the guys at The Kitesurf Centre are by far and away the best. I probably could have halved the amount of lessons I have had if I had just come here in the first place. They're always super helpful, the teaching is awesome and you'll come away from your lessons having had great fun, feeling like you've learnt something more than the time before and keen to get out there and do it all again.


Sep 03, 2013 by Caroline

What a fabulous experience. The team at the Kite surf centre are just great, very relaxed yet great teachers and very safety conscious. My 11 year old and I did a 3 day course which was simply great, giving us loads of confidence and a taste for more. The location allows them to use different beaches depending on the winds and tides so almost always get to fly. Henry and Pete (the boys of summer) were seriously great teachers with both of us learning at different speeds and very different weights and focus! Can't thank you all enough! C u soon for more kite flying.

Sep 02, 2013 by Jack

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to send you an email to say how good yesterday was.

Clive was a really great instructor, giving really good, clear instructions with fantastic wind window diagrams - and he was very encouraging. The 3 of us felt like we learned loads in a day and we have lots to go away and practice!

Thank you very much – we’ll definitely be back to Camber Sands, and once we’re ready for kitesurfing we’ll be booking with you guys for lessons.

Take it easy,

Jack, Matt and Brad

Brill but exciting

Sep 02, 2013 by Carolina

My son (aged 11) and I (significantly older but sporty Mum) went for the 3 day kite lessons. What terrific fun for both of us. Although we progressed at different rates our coaches Pete and Henry managed to keep us both entertained and progressing fast. Jack being so light was a bit of a problem so they leashed him to themselves. He had an amazing time. Staff are just brilliant, relaxed and calm, never condescending, very safety aware. Booking was easy and quick. Bought a power kite to keep practicing. Will be back very soon.
A huge thank you to all involved but especially Pete and Henry - the boys of summer!

one to one coaching - intermediate

Aug 17, 2013 by Stef

I booked my lesson only the day before, was happy that I could be fitted in despite the school's busy schedule. I had a one-to-one with Ben. It was a good feeling being in the water relaxed about pushing myself, knowing that a competent kiter was looking out for me as well as showing me what to do. The crowds were not a problem as we kited away from them very quickly. Ben gave me a lot of advice and tips for me to take away and work on. Ben is a great instructor, very friendly and with a stress-free easy going attitude throughout. I am very happy about my lesson.

Awesome experience

Aug 08, 2013 by Rob Petty

Thank you. Thanks to Alex, my instructor for the afternoon, for the good, clear instruction and the patience to get me from absolute novice at mastering the skills to fly a kite as big as a face flannel to buzzing along the beach alone in a buggy with the larger 3m kite. The lads there all were very approachable, knowledgable in what they do and made me feel at ease from the start. The beach is always awesome at Camber. The shallow beach means that when the tide is out there is plenty of room on the sand flats for my large novice turns and crashes lol.
The Centre is located slap bang opposite Camber Caravan & Tent site so getting there is the easy part.

Thanks again guys to Alex & Tris especially.

Will definitely be visiting again very soon.



Jul 21, 2013 by Don

The beauty of this school is location. They can cover 75% of wind direction which means you are almost guaranteed to get your kite in the air.
The booking process and registry process was easy and painless.
My instructor Ben was extremely knowledgeable and was very effective at identifying my problems and finding ways to get me to develop good skills to advance. Thanks for getting me up on the board Ben.

Board Control

Jul 18, 2013 by Julian Cragg

Brilliant organisation, Doug from WGC although his accent was further afield was a brilliant professional, even when I was doing everything wrong he encouraged and cajoled until my 10 secs of being vertical made it all worth while.
Now I know what not to do I can practise until the 10 secs becomes a minute and from there turning, jumping, edging and so many more things in my future.

Apparently I showed great kite awareness even submerged and perfected something called a toe loop without any coaching (who knows what that is?)

At 52 yrs after 4 and half hours my legs were so stiff I thought the viagra and targeted the wrong bits and still we sought the elusive holy grail, my German compatriot for the afternoon progressed at a quicker pace and I learned from his successes, (Well done Kristoff).

Thanks guys you have set me on the right path bring on spain and more practise in August.


Our kitesurfing weekend

Jul 06, 2013 by A Nagle

We had a great weekend learning the basics of kitesurfing with Ben as our instructor
We were able to learn together as a family of four which was great. The kids had a great time and were treated as equals.
Great equipment, great teaching, great weekend!

The Kitesurf Centre , UK 4.9 5.0 55 55 Had a great two days with Clive and Rupert. Easy going teaching styles, but with a strong emphasis on our personal safety, which as a complete kite flying novice, I thoroughly app