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by Becki Snyders on The Kitesurf Centre

Loved it! Thank you guys for your patience with me and the kite! I'm definitely returning to gain a bit more of your knowledge. Everything was great :-)

by Bill Elliott on The Kitesurf Centre
Land Buggy Course

I did a four hour course on land buggying, it was brilliant it was really good .I learnt some good skills from Will who was very professional and passionate about this awesome sport.I will certainly be back for more lessons.Thank You

A must for all kite boarders

I wouldn't recommend taking up kiting without a course with these guys. I did the 2-day beginners course and will be booking at least one more. Great equipment, really nice group of people and highly professional instruction. Tom, our instructor, was brilliant. Top ratings all round.

by Mungo Shanahan on The Kitesurf Centre

Really enjoyed the day, nice pace and thorough - just be aware if you want to start riding a board you need the 2 day course as day 1 is all about the kite and some body dragging in the water

by Matt Henwood on The Kitesurf Centre
Look no further

I had a couple of lessons with these guys and was very impressed with the quality of teaching. I've previously had lessons abroad and whilst the weather is tropical the teaching is aimed at giving tourists an experience rather than teaching you to become competent and more importantly safe kitesurfers. Tom was very knowledgeable, patient, encouraging but above all enthusiastic he really wanted to see his students succeed and shared in our joy at success. I started with a board control lesson which not only included the 5 hours in the water but Tom also spent time in the class room reviewing kitesurfing theory and time on the beach showing us the self-rescue techniques. All in all the time with the trainer must have lasted 6-7 hours! by the end of the lesson I was making long runs to my strong side and some shorter ones to my weak side.Having been so impressed with Tom as a trainer I decided to have a 3 hour private lesson with him (best decision I ever made) by the end of the 3 hours I was riding as far as I wished in both directions as well as upwind in both directions. I'd begun to be able to transition without coming to a stop and even been pushed to attempt my first jumps and even a backloop!If you are serious about becoming an independent kitesurfer check these guys/gals out. After you're hooked you can see the ex-demo/ 2nd hand gear they have for sale which along with their advice can really help you take your first step into independent kitesurfing.

by Nick & Justyna P on The Kitesurf Centre
Board Control (One Day) - Awesome

My wife and I booked a Board Control (One Day) lesson on the weekend and it was no less than brilliant. We were in a small group and Tom our instructor was very diligent and very engaging as we swiftly recapped the basics, broke down into different exercises to gain our confidence and slowly building into going off and practising our board starts/surfing into 2's. He made the lesson very fun and was an excellent mentor/coach in giving us individual tips on how to improve! Definitely Recommended!!!!!! :)

by Ray Munro on The Kitesurf Centre

Did 3 days over two weekends and had 3 differentinstructors all absolutely brilliant , a massive thanksto Tom, Jay and Molly, swallowed a lot of water buthad massive amounts of fun, can't recommend thecentre highly enough, 54 yrs old but this makes youfeel like a pup again , fantastic.

by Humberto Cunha on The Kitesurf Centre

Very satisfied with all 3 days courseInstructors make you feel at homeI'm hooked on Kitesurf nowThanks everyone at thekitecentreWill be back again and again

by Alvaro on The Kitesurf Centre
3 days course

Amazing 3 days course with these guys. Good technical skills from the instructors, very friendly and helpful people. A new big fan for this stunning sport.

by Dave carter on The Kitesurf Centre
Great fun kite buggying!

Was given the 4 hour kite buggy and land boarding combo as a gift. Ended up only doing the kite buggy lesson as this was tough enough and wanted to nail one thing before moving onto something else! I had an amazing afternoon on beautiful camber sands learning how to move the buggy using kite power. Steve the instructor was brilliant, thank you! The only constructive criticism I would make is that I felt you needed to know how to use a power kite first to really appreciate the course fully. I have flown kites for years and so was able by the end of the four hours to move the buggy in roughly the direction I was hoping for, the others in my group were a bit more despondent because they needed to learn to fly the kites first, and didn't really achieve the goal of buggying. Maybe a good idea to offer a short kite flying course first as a warm up to the buggy driving. Also would be good to have more clear instructions on clothing requirement. My wife called and asked twice and was just told comfortable clothing that was warm and wouldn't matter if got sandy, plus sunglasses/cream. They should have warned me that I was going to get very wet! The residue of the tide going out meant there was much surface spray and I got soaked and covered in wet sand. Not a problem at all but I wore trainers and jeans, shorts and crocs would have been more useful!

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